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Looking back on 4 Years of Bare Minerals Reviews

I am not affiliated with this company and all items discussed here were purchased by me or gifted to me by someone I know. No matter how I acquire an item, my reviews and opinions are always honest. 

I wanted to look back and review some of my reviews.  First, Bare Minerals of course! 

A lot of people thought this blog was only about Bare Escentuals or Bare Minerals but it never was.  My mission has always been the same, to blog about natural or low-chemical alternatives to beauty products and personal care products because I personally have chemical sensitivities.  While I have a ton of posts about Bare Minerals, it is because they were the first brand I discovered that I could wear and I was hooked.  I own a lot more Bare Minerals than anything else so that is what I blogged about most.  Now, they have less all natural new stuff coming out so I have less to blog about when it comes to BE but they will always be near and dear to my heart which is why I have tons of Sterlite drawers full of their eye shadows, liners blushes and radiances.

Which of these do I still use and love, which ones did I use up, which ones did I stop using?

The name of the product will link back to my original review, then I am adding comments and updated info here.

Bare Escentuals 100% Natural Lip Glosses  - Yes, I still use these and have used some of them right up.  Still a fan of these glosses. 

The latest custom blends collection from Bare Escentuals - Still loving these. Loose minerals are my fave kind of natural eyeshadow. Angel Food Cake may have ended up on the not sure shelf just because I am not sure if it is a color for me but it is still beautiful.

Bare Escentuals Big, Bright, and Bold Collection - Everything from this kit is awesome. Still loving each piece.

My first Buxom - Trixie - No Buxoms for me.  I got swayed away from being all natural and opted to go back after my lips started to not feel so great.

New Bare Escentuals - Royal Treatment, Pout Patisserie & Unforgettable - Just like I said above, still loving the natural lippies and loose mineral shadows. Not sure if I wear the lip gloss from Royal treatment, I tend to prefer more color. 

Bare Escentuals Girlfriend Collection - These are some go to colors except for the Buxom which I have stopped wearing.  Love love love this collection. 

Bare Escentuals latest Customer Blends Collection - absolutely gorgeous loose minerals.  I still wear these.

Bare Escentuals High Shine Colors - Now in Tubes! - I still wear these on occasion, just not all the time because of the high shine and because they contain aluminum.

Bare Escentuals Beyond Gorgeous Collection - This is another great collection. The only thing I no longer use is the face brush because I switched over to all synthetic face brushes.

Bare Escentuals Exotic Destinations - Santorini - Gorgeous loose minerals. The only item I don't use is the bag because I have so many makeup bags already.


Bare Escentuals Bright Now! - A great collection. I still love the gloss, face and eye colors. I stopped wearing Prime Time primers to avoid synthetic silicone products and am not currently using this brand of mascara but gladly would again. I just try to only have 1-2 tubes of mascara in use at a time to prevent spoilage.

BE Buxom Big & Healthy Lipsticks - No on all of these. My lips did not like them. Not natural enough for me I guess.

Bare Escentuals Gold Rush Collection - Loose minerals, great colors. Heck yeah, I still wear these.

Bare Escentuals Leslie's 3 Wishes Eye Color Collection - Some amazing colors in this loose mineral collection. Loving them still.


Bare Escentuals Rethink Radiant AKA Rethink #3 - No more Prime Times for me and no more face brushes that aren't synthetic. I still have the gloss and am pretty sure I have worn the eye and cheek color. They are on the pinkish side so they may have ended up in my "not sure" pile for now. I have been sorting.

Bare Escentuals Faux & Foxy Kit - This is one of my all time fave natural glosses from BE. The Faux tan is pretty nice too and I tend to wear bronzer almost everyday. I think I finally set the brush aside on my mission to go all synthetic but it was a tough call on this one, I love these brushes.

Bare Escentuals BE Cares Color - Sweet Smile! - Gorgeous, sparkly, natural loose minerals for a great cause. Of course I still wear this!

Bare Escentuals Naturally Luminous Collection - Everything in this kit is fabulous. I still love it.


Buxom Swinger Girls Pics & Swatches - Sadly, I am not even wearing Heather buxom. No more buxoms = no more buxoms.

Bare Escentuals Color Shift Colors- I am still wearing these. They can be a lot of fun to play with.

Bare Escentuals Good Morning Gorgeous - Love these loose minerals. I think Tuesday & Sunday might have ended up in the not for me pile while sorting but I know I wear all the others.


Bare Escentuals Perfect Gift #3 - Just What You Wanted  - Yes to everything except for the Pretty Amazing lippie. I had a pretty amazing reaction. I adore the eye colors and liner. Not sure if I am holding on the to the blush. I did a MAJOR blush sort.  


Bare Escentuals Love & Happiness - BE Bday Weekend Celebration - Not wearing the Prime time shadows anymore and Love Radiance is in my sort pile. I had to part with some radiances since they get neglected. 


Bare Escentuals Flirty & Fabulous - Wink, Mist & Black Diamond are still there and in use. I love this combo too much to even consider parting. No more Prime Time though. 


Bare Escentuals Bare Freedom Collection - This is one fab collection, not sure why it took me so long to buy it but I am keeping everything except the bag! 


Bare Escentuals Bright & Beautiful Collection - No more Prime time for me but I love the lip and eyeliner colors and who doesn't love this blush?


Bare Escentuals Bare Bakery Lip Gloss Trio - Some of my favorite shades from the natural lip glosses. Love them! 


Bare Escentuals Mayan Riviera Kit - Gorgeous! These colors are still great and still in my collection. 


Bare Escentuals Big & Bright Trio - These are some great liners, I still wear them. I just miss that they don't have the little smudger end like full size B&B liners.

Bare Escentuals Glamorista Collection -This collection is awesome and the die for! I still have these in my collection. 


Bare Escentuals Sephora Insider Introducing Color Shift - Beautiful colors, still wearing this kit. 


Bare Escentuals Spotlight On: Big & Bright Eyeliner - No more Prime Time for me but I keep using the double-ended liner and smudge brush. 


Bare Escentuals Prime Time Primer Shadows - Beautiful colors but no more Prime Time for me. Really trying to be as natural as possible. 


Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition Curl & Lengthen Mascara - Not using it right now but would definitely buy it and use it again. 


Bare Escentuals Sephora Insider Introducing Cheek Tint - Beautiful colors. Panache might have been too pink for me but I love the rest. 


Bare Escentuals: Spotlight on High Shine - Great colors so I still wear them, especially if I am going out for the night. I just don't use the Prime Time anymore.


Bare Escentuals New Brow Pencilv - These were pretty nifty but I am already lazy about my brows and I felt like I could see this too much. I think I prefer the loose mineral brow powder.


Bare Escentuals November 2011 TSV - Bare Luxury - Sad to report I actually returned this one. I loved the bag and the eye shadows were pretty but I won't wear Moxie lippies since they aren't all natural and the Round the Clock liners have silicone in them so this was a no go for me.


Bare Escentuals You're Looking at an Original Grand Collection - Great colors. I love this lippie and the eye colors and the blush is pretty. No more Prime Time or face brushes that aren't synthetic for me though.


Bare Escentuals Velvet Luxe Collection - I love the velvets. They are so smooth and creamy and look sultry on. These are keepers.


Bare Escentuals Light Show Eyeliner Collection - Pretty sure these have silicone too, boooo! I kept at least the 2 darker shades since they have already been worn and I only wear them for dressing up.


Bare Escentuals Cares - Tenderheart - Another beautiful loose mineral eyecolor for a good cause. I still wear this one.


Bare Escentuals Ready Shadows - Dream Sequence - I have to admit, I actually like the READY shadows. Took me a while to make sure I wasn't reacting to them because I got them right around when I injured my eye. After a few test runs, I can happily say I am okay wearing these.


Bare Escentuals Ready Shadows - The After Party - Another great quad. These colors are so great for so many looks.


Bare Escentuals Year of Beauty - A gorgeous rainbow of eyecolors. There might be one or two shades that just aren't my style but most of these are keepers.


Bare Escentuals - The Glamorous Life - I still wear the loose mineral colors but no round the clock liner or Pretty Amazing for me. They eye colors in this one are awesome.


Bare Escentuals Velvet Delights Collection - More yummy velvet eyecolors. I think pecan might be in my not for me pile.


Bare Escentuals Wanderlust Beach Collection - I wear this whole collection except for the liner. Loose minerals are still my weakness.


New Bare Minerals Ready SPF 20 Foundation - This looked nice and felt nice on but I am pretty happy with the foundations I own now and am not quite ready to branch out and use READY too.


Bare Minerals Great as Gold Collection - These are beautiful and I love how they look on. Just a hint of sparkle with some neutral or purpley shades. So pretty.


Bare Escentuals Shades of Decadence 15 piece Collection - Aside from the Moxies which I don't wear and a couple shades I already had a full size jar of, these are all keepers. Such beautiful colors. I love them all!


Bare Minerals Petite Treats Lip Gloss Collection - Delicious natural lip glosses. I am so happy they still make these. I could wear them forever.


Bare Minerals Sugar Rush Hydrating Eyecolor Collection - Using all these colors, just not the bag. These are the newest BE I have so I need to wear them more often.

I am not affiliated with this company and I purchased these products myself for personal use unless otherwise noted. My opinion is completely honest no matter how I received any items mentioned on this blog. 

***Please do not use the content or images from this blog without crediting the source and linking back to this blog. Doing so without permission and crediting the source is copyright infringement.Thank you.***

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  1. This was cool. A fair amount of these were from before I started following you. It was neat to look back on them.

  2. Nice review, Heather. Thanks for summarizing for us.

  3. Great post! I'm curious why you stopped using the primer shadows? BE is the only makeup I wear, but I totally agree there is less and less of it that I can wear because I don't like their use of synthetic colors in all their new release glosses and RTC eyeliners. Bummer.

    1. I said it somewhere in the post that I stopped wearing the Primer Shadows because they contain silicone. It is in the form of Dimethicone. They just aren't natural enough for me.


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