Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dr. Woods Shea Vision Castile Soap in Lavender

I am not affiliated with this company. These items were sent to me for review purposes only. My opinion is completely honest no matter how I receive any items mentioned on this blog. 

Another Dr. Woods product that I got to test out was their Shea Vision Castile Soap in Lavender.  Castile soap is great if you are going all natural.  This is gentle enough to use as shower gel, facial cleanser, bubble bath, shampoo or even for doing laundry so you can get a lot of uses out of it.  Lavender is great too since it is natural and so relaxing.  It is wonderful if you have a high stress day ahead and need to calm down in the shower or to unwind after a long day in a bath. 

This smells great and lathers really well.  A little goes a long way so you can get a lot out of one bottle.  It feels very nice on the skin too, probably because it contains olive oil, shea butter and vitamin E.  So skin friendly!

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 Info from the Dr Woods Website
Shea Vision
Shea Vision provides the wonderful addition of Organic Shea Butter to Dr. Woods Castile and Black Castile Soaps.
Shea Butter is nature’s hidden secret for beautiful skin. Once a year in the African Savannah, the Mangifolia tree gives up its fruit known as the karite or the shea nut. After being hand picked, the shea nuts are boiled to extract their treasure, Shea Butter.
Shea Butter is an ultra moisturizer that penetrates and revitalizes skin. Shea Butter naturally contains vitamins A and E, essential elements that give skin the balance it needs for improved elasticity and to combat dryness.
Sizes – 8 oz., 16 oz. and 32 oz.
Scents: Peppermint, Almond, Tea Tree, Lavender and Baby Mild
Shea butter and vitamin E are nourishing anti- oxidants to promote natural skin repair.
Thicker formula is more user friendly.
Dr. Woods Castile Soaps
Very mild, moisturizing and versatile for everyday use as a body wash, facial cleanser, shampoo, and bath soak.
Originating from Castile, Spain, soaps are vegetable based, containing no animal fat. They are natural and biodegradable, perfect for consumers who care about the environment.
Castile Soap contains olive oil, giving it natural healing properties and the ability to attract moisture and hold it close to the skin to form a breathable layer that prevents moisture loss.
Dr. Woods Castile Soap does not contain any harsh detergents that can strip away skin’s natural moisture. The Vitamin E
rich lather leaves skin feeling naturally soft and clean.
Dr. Woods is eco-friendly and ideal for guilt free camping and laundry.
Five fragrances – Peppermint, Almond, Tea Tree, Lavender and Baby Mild.
Three sizes – 8 oz., 16 oz. and 32 oz.

I am not affiliated with this company. I purchased these products myself for personal use unless otherwise noted. My opinion is completely honest no matter how I received any items mentioned on this blog.

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