Monday, March 4, 2013

Eco Tools Fresh & Flawless 5 Piece Complexion Set

I was so excited when Eco Tools posted pics of their new stuff coming out that I was counting down until I could buy some of them.  Lucky for me, I needed a week 1 of eating better reward and Eco Tools had a 35% off makeup brushes coupon code for Valentine's Day.

 One of the new brush items that I had to pick up was the Fresh & Flawless 5 piece complexion set.  This travel sized brush set is great for travel or everyday use.  The brushes are beautifully designed and that super soft synthetic feel you are used to from Eco Tools.  The case they come in is like a little book, maybe it is the librarian in me, but I think that is adorable.

You get 5 brushes in the set; a flat concealer brush, a buffing concealer brush, a precision foundation brush, a complexion blending brush and a full powder brush.  You get all 5 of these great brushes for $14.99.

These brushes work great with my Bare Minerals face basics like original foundation, bisque and mineral veil.  They make a great addition to your routine if you want to really get in there for a finished well concealed look or can be used on their own for an overall look.  I used them along with the brushes I normally use and they complimented them well.

I used the precision foundation brush to apply foundation where I needed more coverage after applying my overall foundation.  I then applied Bisque as concealer with the flat concealer brush.  After that, I buffed the concealer out with the buffing concealer brush and buffed the foundation out with the complexion blending brush. After all of that, I applied Mineral Veil with the Full Powder brush.  This made for a really flawless face look.  If you like more coverage from your makeup or have a special event to be a little extra concealed and more finished looking for, these brushes are great.  Take them when you travel, add them to your daily routine, keep them in your purse or makeup bag for touch ups.  This is a great brush set, super cute and a price you can't beat.

My haul

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