Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mineral Makeup Nirvana FINALLY reached

 It took me over a year to wear every single loose mineral eyeshadow I own, even samples, but I did it. I am sure it would have been done sooner had I not had a rough year of oversleeping and sometimes just not feeling up to bothering with makeup.  You might not believe it, a beauty blogger and mineral makeup addict not wanting to wear makeup, but sadly it did happen.  Sometimes life happens and interferes with our mood and what we enjoy.  I am happy to report that I am feeling much better.  Life feels more stable, my health is improving a lot and I feel happier.

The last colors I needed to wear towards the end were all reds and blues, not really surprising.  Let's just say, I have a very bold eye look going on today and I normally wouldn't go so blue. 

I did a final count in January when I posted an update.  Here are the details.

My inventory and nirvana report for 2012:

I own (this count does not include any items I have set aside for selling or gifting):

367 full size jars of Bare Mineral eyecolors + 12 new shades for a total of 379
79 mini jars of Bare Minerals eyecolors
81 samples or 1/2 jars of Bare Minerals eyecolors
16 full size Alima Pure eyecolors
31 samples of Alima Pure eyecolors
10 Monave eyecolors
27 Pure Luxe eyecolors (some are samples)
3 Juice Beauty eyecolors
52 The She Space eyecolors
1 Everyday Minerals eyecolor
2 Lotus Organics eyecolors
3 Dust Minerals eyecolors
2 Au Naturale eyecolors

For a Grand Total of...... 686!  The number is less daunting if you only count full size colors but I tend to want to wear them all so the total count, including all samples and 1/2 jars is 686.

I am not affiliated with this company. I purchased these products myself for personal use unless otherwise noted. My opinion is completely honest no matter how I received any items mentioned on this blog.

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  1. I love mineral shadows , Im gonna have to check it some of these brands ! Im a new follower i hope u can follow back ..


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