Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ilia Beauty Mascara in Macao

 Ilia Beauty has a new line of mascaras out.  I am happy to report that I found a fairly local place that sells Ilia Beauty, woohoo! Bella Rouge Cosmetic & Skincare Boutique in Clifton Park is a great spot to try out cosmetics and they have Ilia.  I got to try out the new mascara, loved it and picked it up as well as some new lipsticks from the line. 

For my coloring, she opted to try out Macao, which is a coppery hued mascara.  Normally I would not go for this but it looked great on, felt like nothing was on my lashes, so light and gentle but looked so pretty and really brought out the golden tones in my hazel eyes.

The Ilia Mascara line has 4 shades right now.   Nightfall (black), Asphalt Jungle (charcoal gray), Macao (Copper) and Shadow of a Doubt (Ash Brown).  I expected to buy Shadow of a Doubt since my hair is an ashy brown but my coloring asked for Macao and I love it! It was so nice to see a different look to my eyes.  This mascara feels good on, it barely feels like I have anything on.  I am not rubbing my eyes or tugging on my lashes.  The applicator is different too.  It fits very tightly in the mascara tube so it removes any chance for clumps.  You kind of need to wiggle it back into the tube, that is how tightly it fits but it is flexible so it is okay to wiggle it around.  The mascaras retail for $24 each and I think this is a product worth splurging on if you want a great natural product that nourishes your lashes and feels light on.  If you want ginormous lashes, you probably want to go another route.  For natural, soft and a nice pop to your eyes, this is a great mascara for you.
Me with no mascara
Me with just mascara on, no makeup
Side by Side Comparison: No Mascara left, Mascara on Right

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  1. Any raccoon eyes? I seem to have that problem with EVERY natural mascara!

    1. No raccoon eyes unless I am submerged in water. Don't wear it at a waterpark or swimming LOL


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