Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year Mineral Makeup Inventory & Nirvana Update

My blog all started with a Nirvana mission which is what I ended up calling my mission to wear all my loose mineral eyeshadows without repeat. A forum friend on Delphi helped me come up with the name Nirvana which is so much nicer than calling it a diet which is such a popular term this time of year.  No diets for me, I want Nirvana!

This year I attempted to wear all my eyecolors without repeat.  The biggest part of my collection is Bare Escentuals colors but I also own other mineral eyecolors.  I wanted to wear them all since my collection has grown quite a lot in the past couple years. This can be pretty tricky when your collection is huge and also when you keep acquiring new colors. I bought some colors myself and some were sent to me for review purposes.  Either way, my collection grew.

This was also quite hard this year because I had a rough time and went through a bit of a rut.  I wasn't wearing makeup as often as I used to, I was not feeling up to the effort, I was not motivated, I didn't feel pretty. I was dealing with medical issues and an injury and weight gain and well, life.  You probably noticed a lot less pics of makeup looks recently.  Makeup, which I enjoy a lot, took a backseat for a while, but I am happy to report that I am on the road to recovery and feeling a lot better.  I am feeling pretty again and hope that I am finally on the road to being pain-free, healthy and truly feeling great about myself and life.

So anyway, did I accomplish Nirvana this year?  No but I came close in spite of the fact that I wasn't wearing makeup as often as normal.  Here is my inventory and nirvana report for 2012:

I own (this count does not include any items I have set aside for selling or gifting):

367 full size jars of Bare Mineral eyecolors + 12 new shades for a total of 379
79 mini jars of Bare Minerals eyecolors
81 samples or 1/2 jars of Bare Minerals eyecolors
16 full size Alima Pure eyecolors
31 samples of Alima Pure eyecolors
10 Monave eyecolors
27 Pure Luxe eyecolors (some are samples)
3 Juice Beauty eyecolors
52 The She Space eyecolors
1 Everyday Minerals eyecolor
2 Lotus Organics eyecolors
3 Dust Minerals eyecolors
2 Au Naturale eyecolors

For a Grand Total of...... 686!  The number is less daunting if you only count full size colors but I tend to want to wear them all so the total count, including all samples and 1/2 jars is 686.

Out of this total, how many shades did I wear?

I have 42 shades in my collection storage that I didn't wear so that isn't too shabby.  Then add the new colors I have recently picked up and that brings me up to 61 colors that I need to wear. I did try out a few of the new shades but not all since I was still trying to accomplish  my goal.  That isn't too bad, especially not now that many of them are new shades and I am wearing eyeshadow a lot more often again.

That means I wore 625 shades of loose mineral eye makeup since I started.  I feel pretty accomplished. I think I can get through the last shades pretty quickly if I feel that I need to.

The thing that bothered me most was, with my first nirvana I didn't shop so I only wore what I had.  It went faster but also I rediscovered colors I already owned.  This time around, I bought new items or got them to review and then entered them as worn and forgot about them.  So sad.  I saw colors I barely remember buying or wearing.  I may need to change the rules the next time I do this or maybe just count the full size & mini jars and not all the samples to make it a little less tough on me.  I will keep you all posted! 

I am not affiliated with this company. I purchased these products myself for personal use unless otherwise noted. My opinion is completely honest no matter how I received any items mentioned on this blog.

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