Monday, December 31, 2012

Real Techniques Brushes - Core Collection and Starter Set

I had wanted to try these brushes for quite some time and told myself, the next time these are on a special sale, get them!  Ulta had them for buy 1 get 1 50% off around Black Friday/Cyber Monday so I grabbed 2 sets to try out.  These are really nice looking cruelty-free brushes and I am slowly transitioning my whole brush collection to be cruelty-free. I find these to not only feel better, knowing I am helping be kind to animals, but also find that synthetic brushes are often gentler on the skin. These sets retail for $18 each, not bad for a whole set of brushes, especially if you get a deal like I did.

I picked up the Core Collection  and the Starter Set. When I mentioned that I picked these up, I had a lot of comments and interest so I hope you enjoy this review.  The most common question was asking how these compare to Eco Tools.  I will try to address that here.

The Core Collection includes: 
  • Detailer Brush - for concealing or lips
  • Pointed Foundation Brush - for liquid foundation
  • Buffing Brush - for foundation
  • Contour Brush - for highlighting or contour
  • Panoramic Brush Case
I was really impressed with the look and feel of these brushes.  I love how the handles feel.  They are nice and light but easy to grip.  The case is really cool too as you can use it as a case or a stand.  I have not tried the pointed foundation brush yet since I don't wear liquid foundation but I tried all the others.

The detailer brush is small but works well for concealing and lips.  I am surprised as how well smaller brushes work for concealing. If you have a larger area to conceal or get heavy coverage, this one isn't for you but if you are like me and mostly just need to conceal a little blemish or the redness around your eyes and nose, this works great.  

The buffing brush works well with mineral foundation.  I was able to get decent coverage but overall, I think I am still a kabuki girl when it comes to foundation.

The contour brush was also nice and worked well with an all over face color or bronzer.  I also liked it for highlighting my cheekbones. 

Overall, these brushes work well and are pretty affordable too.  The handles feel great, the bristles are soft but work well. I like these brushes as accent brushes more than my core brushes.  I am more likely to use these for extras like applying some detailed concealer or lipcolor, highlighting or contouring or applying an all over face color or finishing powder.  I am still using mostly Eco Tools brushes and an Alima Pure Kabuki as my face staples.

The Starter Set includes: 
  • Base Shadow Brush
  • Deluxe Crease Brush
  • Accent Brush
  • Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush
  • Brow Brush
  • Panoramic Brush Case
I had my doubts about this set but once I tested the brushes I was won over.  These are amazing!!! When I first picked up each brush, I am sure my face was expressing some sort of, sarcastic expression but as soon as I used one I was like, WOW, how about the next one, WOW, and so on.

I am addicted to eye shadow brushes.  I don't know if it comes from my painting background or what but I tend to want as many eye brushes as I can get my hands on.  The only non-synthetic brushes I currently use are for eyes, just because some of the brushes do not seem to have a synthetic counterpart yet.

These brushes worked so well that I was sad when I had used them because they had to be cleaned before I could use them again LOL I think I might need to buy more of these! These might beat out Eco Tools eye brushes but only by a tiny bit.  I love all my brushes but these definitely had WOW factor for me.

This one also comes in the cool multi-use case.  It can be a brush carrier or stand. 

 Core Collection

Starter Set

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  1. I love that they come in a convenient case! Thanks for this informative post.

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  2. i love these brushes! quality and price is so on point and it comes with a case ;) simple amazing!

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  3. Woo hoo! Happy Hump Day! I love the Technique brushes and use them on set!
    Give yourself a pat on the back and a big hug for making it this far! You can do it! Keep going! You are writing blog posts that are inspiring others and affecting positive change-so get at it and write some more!
    Thanks for adding value to those around you!
    Ciao ciao for now~


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