Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Good, The Bad and the Still Improving

I went in for my annual physical in September and was sent for bloodwork.  I have gotten yearly bloodwork since I turned 30 because my father has heart disease and diabetes on his side of the family and it often starts fairly young.  He had a quadruple bypass at 48 if that tells you anything and I tend to take after him with most things except for attitude, or so my mother has told me LOL.

In my early 20s, they told me to keep up the good work.  I scrunched up my face and asked, "What good work?" I mostly ate fast food, processed food and so much junk I can't even fathom how I did it aside from that fact that I was young.  I was a binge eater, I didn't sleep well, I stayed up all night, I partied a little too much.  My skin showed the signs of this lifestyle but apparently, my blood didn't.  Not yet anyway. 

When I turned 30, I had a blood test and felt pretty confident about it. When I got my results, I was shocked.  My blood sugar was borderline, my cholesterol was borderline and my triglycerides were through the roof.  I was also very vitamin D deficient. Each year I went back and the battle was still going. 

Last year, my doctor decided to give me a year off.  She said she felt acupuncture was finally my answer.  On top of acupuncture, I was taking herbs, vitamins, and fish oil supplements. I was trying to face my picky eating by finding ways I could enjoy healthier foods.  I did my elimination diet and cut out most of the foods that bother me.  I went back this year, hopeful but worried.  I have gained weight since my hip and back injury and admit I am an emotional stress eater.  I tend to turn towards sweets.  I was so nervous she would finally say, your numbers are still too high or too low (for the ones that should be high) and your weight is too high, it is time for medication.  Well, I had some surprising news. 
image from Dr. Saputo website

I called to check on my blood test results. They kindly gave them to me, though I do have to wait for feedback from the doctor on a couple things.  My good HDL cholesterol was good! This was very low 2 years ago.  My bad LDL cholesterol was still a bit high.  Okay, I can deal with that.  My blood sugar was good! Wait, what?  Seriously?  Amazing! I was so happy about that one as I was nervous that my weight gain did me in on that one, I assume no more processed foods or corn syrup helped me out there.  My triglycerides were good too! Woot! They have not been good since my early 20s! I did a little happy dance right there.  My vitamin D levels were still a little low but not considered deficient anymore. All my vitamin levels were pretty good.  I was so happy for this news.  Now I need to keep up the good work for real and do a little bit more to get that bad LDL cholesterol back where it needs to be.  I am on the road to wellness!

Another happy medical note, my doctor sent me to a 3rd orthopedic specialist.  This one, she insisted I see a specific person by name and no one else and she was so right.  I had my appointment on Friday.  By this time I had about given up on being pain free and finally I was sent to the right person.  She looked at me and my x-rays.  She said my x-rays were beautiful. She said my pain had nothing to do with me being too heavy.  She said my pain most likely all has to do with my feet and alignment.  She examined me, had me do some moves, checked my back with my feet bare and flat as pancakes.  Her reaction was something like, "Oh dear sweet child of god!!!"  Apparently, if you actually look at my alignment in relation to my feet, knees, hips and back, it is pretty obvious why I am hurting so much.  Phew, finally! She said no to surgery.  She said no to it being because of my weight.  She sent me to get an inflammation panel done to make sure I don't have any inflammatory disease.  She believes this will come back negative and my issues are most likely all mechanical.  She is also sending me to see orthotists to see if they recommend something to help with my feet and alignment.  Hooray! Isn't it wonderful when we finally get the help we need! I really feel like I am on my way to feeling great again.
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  1. I'm so happy for you, Heather. Great news, & hopefully getting even better.


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