Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Organic Color Systems - New Salon, New Do'

I drove down to Albany to go to a salon that uses all organic or natural products for the first time.  This was scary for me since I have gone to the same person for my hair for years aside from an occasional visit to a backup salon.  I haven't colored my own hair in a long time so I was nervous to do it on my own and try out a natural at home color kit since I have never used one before.  I opted to go to a professional.  It took me a long time to get my appointment.  My schedule has been quite hectic so it was really hard to get an appointment with my usual stylist who only works 3 days a week because she has a day job.

I went to the salon with the intentions of:
  • Getting all this summer blonde out of my hair
  • Getting the blonde blended in better with the other colors in my hair
  • Trying out a more natural hair color product
  • Checking out the salon to see what other natural products they sell
  • Getting a haircut while I am at it
  • My one major rule with hair color = NO RED! It took me forever to grow out the red when I colored my hair red for years and years. Plus it reminds me of a guy who had a thing for redheads.
I had booked an appointment for a double process and a haircut.  I figured, I tend to not like a single process one solid color on my hair but had no idea what to do to blend this blonde in and make it work.  I talked to the stylist and she said it was up to me.  Well, not really as I don't know the product and am not the professional so I am asking for a consultation and opinion on what would best do what I am looking for.  I said, well I don't know what will work best, what do you think?  She suggested a single process color and said all the different shades in my hair will show through.  I thought, that sounds like what I would like.  She picked a shade that was similar to my natural color and went a little warmer with it.  I never got to see the shade so I was a little nervous again.

The organic color system color is heat activated so once it was on my hair, I got a plastic shower cap type of cover and put under the heated blow dryer for 10 minutes, then I had to wait and process for another 20 minutes.  After that, she rinsed my hair and did a very quick trim.  She warned me that it would be a lot darker than it had been so I needed to be ready for it.  I wasn't sure I liked the sounds of that, uh oh, maybe I didn't get through to her what I wanted.

She put a couple light products in my hair and used a diffuser.  I paid and left the salon, went to look at their wellness shop where they do massages to see the rest of the products they use and then stopped at the mall before going to work. I needed to unwind and also wanted to check my email since my PC has been crashing constantly and I had not checked it yet so I went to Barnes and Noble.  I checked my email and walked around the mall.  My reflection kept shocking and upsetting me.  This is some dark hair!   Oh no, my mood started to plummet.  The texture of my hair was also not thrilling, most likely due to what styling products were used to I eventually put my hair up.  The color was less overwhelming up so I liked it a bit better but still knew, I had to do something.

I didn't want to complain and didn't want to go back to the same place.  I am not good about complaining and making someone redo something when it comes to my hair.  I generally go pout in a corner instead.  I know, I am such a wimp! Also, I don't know these stylists, I am new to them, they are new to me.  I didn't know how to express what I wanted where I know my usual stylist knows what I like and knows my hair.

I messaged my usual stylist in desperation and asked, will it be safe to do some highlights on this color so soon after getting it done.   She said, yes, it should be fine.  She usually uses Aveda products which are less harsh than many salon hair color systems so I figured it would be safer than many others.  I made my appointment for next Thursday to get highlights and maybe another haircut.  My hair is a little too long and I want more layers around my face.  It is hard to tell until the hair is dry and done and styled by me but today I see it and know I made the right decision to get my hair re-did next week.  I will have to adjust and deal with it for the next week and a day.  Having dark hair makes me feel a bit down and reminds me of my angsty depressed adolescence.  I am not a happier healthier adult and want happier healthier looking hair.  This color is pretty.  The feel of my hair is soft and healthy but the color just isn't me.  I need more to it, more depth, more variety of shades to give the look of more volume since my hair is fine.  I want something a little brighter. 

I am not going to bad mouth the salon and name them.  Frankly, everyone else there had awesome looking hair.  Maybe it was just the stylist I went to?  Maybe I didn't explain well enough what I really wanted?  Maybe it just isn't the right salon for me?

So the pros: I liked the hair color product itself.  It smells nice, it doesn't burn, it makes hair feel soft and healthy.

The cons: I didn't get the full consultation I had hoped for and had less input into the actual shade used on my hair.

Lesson learned: When you have an awesome stylist, don't go to someone else unless you know for a fact that they are indeed the same amount if not more kinds of awesome.  I don't know what I will ever do if she stops doing hair!

Pics (sorry about the pic quality, these were all taken on my work iPad since my PC hates me right now):


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  1. Haircolor always looks darker than the actual color will be when you first get it. Especially when coloring over blonde- the hair is more porous and soaks up more color. If you just wait a couple weeks it will lighten with regular washing. I do color. Even a dark blonde shade will look dark brown at first when coloring over blonde. I don't think you will be happy with highllights since you were wanting the blonde gone.

    1. I don't mind some blonde, just most of my hair, especially around my face was so blonde and faded from summer that my hair looked really light. You can barely tell I am a brunette aside from the roots. I prefer different shades in my hair at one time. One flat color isn't really my style anymore.

  2. Oh, and she added the warmth into it to make it stick to the blonde. Blonde is depleted of the warmth it originally had and unless you put it back, the brown will not stay. The blonde will just come back through. I just hope the natural color they used wasn't henna. It doesn't react well to other color.

    1. It is Organic Color System which I linked to in the post, no henna! I wouldn't dare use henna because I know how difficult it is to work with if you want to make any changes.

  3. I'm a dirty blonde and got my hair "glazed" a medium brown about a month and a half ago. Took about a week and it faded to a much better color! But I understand you wanting to get highlights to get back to you!

    On a side note, it does look nice on you. You should pretend to be someone else for the week and give yourself an alter ego! Maybe be a Super Hero rescuing the world with natural beauty products :)

    1. Thanks! I like this alter ego idea, especially since I'm having a stay cation girls weekend lol. The color is fading and I'm adjusting so I think a cut that gives more shape to the hair around my face and a few lighter streaks will make me happy.

  4. I think the new color looks beautiful on you, but I can see why you feel it's too drastic a change. Highlights do give your hair an appearance of more volume, too. Hopefully your regular stylist can give you exactly what you want...more depth without being too blonde! I hope you'll post the results.

    1. Thanks! I know she'll get it to be more me. I am adjusting to the color as it fades but still like the idea of some streaks to break it up. I'll definitely post pics!


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