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Live, Laugh & Love Yourself: An Interview with Alison Chace

I had the pleasure to ask Alison Chace a few questions that I could share with my blog readers.  Alison is a mother, actress & web-entrepreneur. On my blog I encourage readers to avoid toxic chemicals and staying beautiful in a more natural way.  Another form of toxicity can be negative thoughts.  Alison encourages you to avoid toxic thoughts and beauty products by finding your beauty from the inside out.
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She founded - #1 on Google's Best Break-Up Websites to bring support and encouragement to women going through a break-up and will be launching Pink Wisdom next month - 'Sugar and Spice and Expert Advice'.  She was featured in More Magazine as one of three selected as  winners of their 2012 Beauty Search.  You can see more about that here:

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Q: What are your favorite ways to feel beautiful?  

A: My number one most favorite way to feel beautiful is by....Flirting. When I say flirting, I mean having fun with myself in the presence of another. It's energizing, it's freeing, it’s empowering and makes me feel so alive. You can flirt with men, women, children, babies, even your dog! It’s such a gift because you’re making another person feel great and that makes you feel great at the same time. You’re deciding to have fun no matter what. You are in a state of approval and appreciation. The person you are flirting with is so thrilled by your pleasure that you can’t help but feel gorgeous. Everyone wins.

Another favorite way to feel beautiful is when I let go and indulge in my sensual life. I think most women would agree – the most delicious sensations we have are those shared moments of intimacy with a partner. When I feel loved, I feel beautiful. And later, when I secretly think of those moments, I believe I look more beautiful.

And on a more superficial level, there’s always a good hair day. If I want to feel beautiful fast, nothing beats a cheap, walk-in, no appointment necessary blow-out. 

Q: Has how you feel about yourself and beauty changed since you were younger?

A: My feelings have been redefined. When I was younger, it was more about physical beauty, having the “looks” that guys responded to. Now that I’m 44 and a man (okay, my doctor) responded to my colon by telling me it was perfect and I have to admit, I liked that (“Tell me more Doctor, is this the hottest colon you’ve seen all day?”). All kidding aside, inner beauty is much more interesting to me. These days, feeling beautiful comes with being a good mom, having deep connections with people, laughing with friends, feeling a sense of accomplishment and giving back whenever I can – all that deep stuff, lightly tossed with some basic maintenance like using sunscreen and doing turkey-neck avoidance exercises! 

Q: A break up is a very sensitive time for anyone involved. What advice do you have for women going through a rough break up or who can't move on and are taking it hard? 

A: Remember the healing powers of time. Use the break-up to rediscover who you are and what you want, to explore your own needs. At the same time, don’t let self-exploration become your raison d'etre. Have some fun! Laugh! Get your hair done! Go out with your girlfriends. Believe in yourself, even if you were the one who was rejected. He’s the loser here – not you! While you have to feel it to heal it, my viewers on and our followers on @dear_john don’t wallow in self-pity. Many of them consider themselves the proud owner of a brand-spankin'-new lease on life.

Of course, some good sex can do wonders after a break-up. The old adage "ya gotta get under, to get over" has got a lot wisdom. Oxytocin is a primary contributor to attachment and intimacy. But what if there is no rebound guy? A few triple A batteries and it’s Hellooooooo Kitty!

Bottom line: take YOUR pleasure seriously while you heal and treat yourself with extreme self-care.

Q: Congratulations on winning the More Magazine Beauty Search Contest. Were you nervous about the photo shoot? What did you do to prepare, to feel beautiful and confident? 

A: Thank You. I encourage every single women reading this blog to enter the contest. More is doing the contest again in the coming year. All you have to do is submit a picture and write an essay on "What Makes You Feel Beautiful"

Entering the contest feels like you’re taking such a risk that once you do it, you feel totally empowered. So...Go. For. It!

For me, after the initial “YA-HOO!!! I won,” negative self-talk and my inner critic came sneaking 'round the corner. The "they must have made a mistake," and "who am I kidding?" and "there are so many more interesting, beautiful, successful, sexy women out there," began to torpedo the pleasure of the experience for me. Luckily, one of the benefits of age is wisdom and perspective. So unless I wanted to just turn the offer down (which would have been crazy, right?), I had to get over myself and dial up my confidence.

I made a deliberate choice to embrace my 15 minutes of fame and asked myself, “How can I really enjoy this event? How can I roll around in the pleasure of this event like a pig in mud?” I decided to approve of myself, have fun with this honor, brag about it, party with it, and generally just “rock” it! Okay, I adopted a "fake it til you make it" attitude, but hey, it worked.

The shoot was a blast. I wasn’t nervous at all. More made us feel like “Red Carpet Celebs” from beginning to end. Everything was off-the-charts top notch from the limos, hotel, celebrity hair, make-up, stylist, photographer... to…ready for this...there was even a celebrity manicurist! The vibe on the set was all about pampered fun and genuine excitement.

I did things to prepare that helped me feel in control. My normal exercise routine is walking on a treadmill on an incline at a fast pace for 30 minutes each day, but I added working out with a personal trainer named Jordan from Hanson Fitness in the West Village in NYC. This was new for me. I did squats and I did push-ups. I dreaded it, but ultimately felt great because I actually saw results in my big, beautiful booty. Think about it – Exercise is one of those things we can control and it’s a real gift to ourselves.

I freshened up my highlights and haircut with Franco and Joseph at the Donsuki Salon, two old-timers I have gone to for years. I got my eyebrows done by a talented woman named Valdese at the Kimara Ahnert Salon, and I also did a few "micro-current" facials in the weeks leading up to the event. I don't know if they helped or not, but mentally I felt great about my skin, so that’s what mattered.

And finally, during the shoot, I just reveled in my inner and outer beauty – from my blown-out hair to my firm booty to my shining skin to my perfect colon and I felt, and therefore I looked…beautiful.


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