Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hair Color & Cut Update with pics!

 A couple weeks ago I went to a new salon that I had never been to before.  I had my hair colored and cut.  The color gave me a bit of a freak out.  It was much darker than I wanted and had a lot of red in it and if you knew how long it took me to get red out of my hair (we are talking years), I had a panic fit but calmed down.  You can read more about it here:

I had not had my hair one single color in so long, it felt weird and wrong to me.  It just isn't my style anymore.  I prefer layers of color because it adds a lot of depth to my very fine curly hair.  It didn't look bad, it just didn't feel right to me.

I contacted my regular stylist, confessed my sins, and asked if it would be safe to add some highlights to break up this new color.  She said it should be okay and actually knows a little about the color used on me as she knows someone who works at that salon.

I got an appt for the following Thursday so it took a week and 2 days to get in to see her.  My hair faded a lot in that week, so the base color was much more subtle and easier for me to live with.  I still needed the change though.  I needed my hair to be more me.

I talked to her and she knew exactly what I meant, which felt good, because I was starting to doubt my communication skills. She also knew that the natural hair colors tend to use hemp and that causes the red tones to come out.  Instead of the usual foils all over, she took the top layer of my hair and put it up and added highlights underneath, sort of in the middle section. She is excellent at highlights, I always get compliments when I see other stylists for whatever reason.  She is so good that the newly certified girl in the salon was sent over to observe me getting my highlights so I got to be an educational lesson.

She knew I didn't want them to be blonde blonde so she removed the foils a little early and then rinsed my hair.  It looked so much better.  The color looked brighter and happier and had depth, even wet.  Then she gave me a good cut.  She knows my hair and how fine it is so she knows I NEED layers around my face.  She knows if you trim my front layers, my hair naturally gets an arch above my forehead.  She knows how fast my hair grows in the back and how much I complain about getting knots in my hair LOL

She blew my hair out straight that night and I loved it.  It is always so much fun and so much easier when someone else does the work.  I kept it straight for work the next day and used a dry shampoo to keep my scalp feeling fresh.

Here are some pics of the final hair look.  I took them all with an iPad in the same lighting and location at my office so the quality is the same and doesn't make some look better than others.

My hair looks so much softer and has more oomph, plus I don't feel like I overpaid for anything since I didn't need a repair, just something added.  The only thing I paid for twice was a cut and it was very needed. 

Before (when my hair was colored at the new salon using organic haircolor): 

A look at my hair straight after she blew it out: 

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