Saturday, October 6, 2012

Getting Rid of Clutter = Good Feng Shui

We all deal with clutter in one way or another.  Even if our homes look great, there might be a secret closet full of junk or maybe a basement full of stuff.  I am on a mission to de-clutter, clean and organize.  This doesn't just make things look nice.  It is also much better for your health and well being.

Our apartment has been a challenge.  We moved in together and my boyfriend lost his "clutter closet" space.  This apartment only has 2 closets and a tiny pantry.  There is no place to stick all that extra stuff.  Then add the fact that I have tons of stuff to move in and boom, it is a mess! We have been here for years now and are still trying to make it work.  The lack of room here has spilled over into my parents' house.  My old room there is still as it was though now it has become a clutter-fest.

My mission right now is to minimize the clutter at both our apartment and my parents's house.  Get things streamlined, organized and useful.  I want our apartment to feel homey and not stress me out with so much clutter.  I want my parents to be able to use my old room as a guest room and to be able to store things there as needed to know they are safe and free from the mold and mildew and dampness of the basement.

Right now, I am spending most of my long weekend off from work cleaning and organizing at my parents house.  I have listed some old pieces of furniture for sale and hope people who have shown interest will come pick them up ASAP.  Some items belong to my parents and some are mine.  Either way, it is time for it all to go.  It takes a lot of work but it feels so good when you make room, get rid of things that are not being used and open up space and clear out old energy from your home.

I am a big fan of feng shui and one of the key factors of feng shui is to get rid of clutter.  Don't keep broken things, things that get no use or piles of things around.

Here are some great resources on clutter & health as well as feng shui.  I hope this helps you out as much as it has me. 

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  1. I love clearing clutter. If I am stressed out, it always makes me feel more calm.

  2. Great links, Heather. Thanks so much!



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