Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Well, isn't that pinteresting?

Wait a second, I think you had a typo there Heather?  You meant to type interesting, right?  No, I meant pinteresting.  Are you on Pinterest?  Are you one of the many addicted to pinning to boards, collecting everything from recipes to craft ideas to favorites blogs and books to grouping things by color.  Pretty much anything with an image on the world wide web can be "pinned" into a pinterest board.  Not only can you collect from the web but you can repin items from other users' boards.  You can follow friends.  You can follow your fave companies.  You can follow certain boards or all of them or none.  It is all up to you.
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For example, lots of my friends are parents so they collect tons of ideas of things to do for or with their kids.  I don't have kids and there are no immediate plans to have kids so I follow my friends boards but opt to go into their page and unfollow the ones about kids since I don't need to see all of those as they don't interest me right now.  I can always go back and follow them again if I change my mind. 

I have been on Pinterest for a really long time but it had a big boom this past year.  If you are on Pinterest but aren't sure what to do with it or if you  have heard of it but didn't dare join, I wanted to post this for you.  I am at a point of considering myself a Pinterest veteran. 

For example, you can look at my boards.  I have collected things related to beauty, pics from my blog, tons of recipes, cleaning and organizing tips, arts and crafts ideas and more.  There are also a lot of contests on Pinterest.  You will see some of those boards on my Pinterest page too.

Let me stop for a minute, if you don't use Pinterest much, you might not know what these words mean.  Here you go:

Pinterest: the website social network that lets you collect images that link to webpages.

Boards: You create boards to collect your images by grouping them in themed areas.

Pins: Each individual item that you add to your board is called a pin.

Pinning: the act of adding an image to your board.

Here is a great help section from Pinterest with lots of answers to your questions:  

One of the most important things about Pinterest is the Pin It button. This is a button you can click while on a webpage and it will show you all the images from that webpage. You select the image you want and fill out a description and then add the pin. Tadah, this webpage and image are now pinned on your board!  This can easily be installed on your web browser by following the directions here:

So how about it?  Are you interested in Pinterest now?  I must warn you, it can be addictive but it is a great way to collect ideas for anything from a dream home to a wedding to a dinner party to house cleaning.

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