Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mineral Makeup Nirvana - It Continues and Continues

I haven't posted an update on this for quite some time, since April in fact.  Yikes!   I am still on a mission to wear each of my mineral makeup eyeshadows and liners without repeats, AKA Nirvana!  Why should I own all these colors if I am not wearing them?  As I wear colors, I flip the jar over.  A few years ago, I did this without letting myself shop and it was so much easier.  When your collection keeps growing as you try to wear colors, it takes a bit longer.  It also takes more time when your work schedule changed to normal earlier hours so you don't have all that extra time before work anymore to get ready.  There are days that, *gasp* I go to work barefaced if I am running late enough.  I never thought I would see the day.  I am trying to get into more of a routine and do try to wear full makeup as often as I can.

Here is my status report:

I still have 128 Bare Escentuals eyecolors to wear (this includes samples, if it is a color in a jar, I have to wear it).
Then I have 66 eyecolors from other mineral makeup brands like Alima Pure, Pure Luxe, The She Space and more.
That leaves a grand total of 194 eyecolors to wear.

If I wear 4 colors on my eyes per day, I could be done in 49 days.
If I wear 3 colors on my eyes per day, I could be done in 65 days.

This is finally looking doable.  I am not doing any shopping right now due to a very tight budget so I am hoping to wear all of these before the New Year so I can do some after Christmas makeup shopping as a reward!

Patterns I have noticed:

I wear neutrals, browns, grays, purples, greens and highlight colors ALL the time.  I am close to through all of them. The colors I need to wear are pinks, reds, oranges, golds, yellows, coppers and blues. 

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