Monday, September 17, 2012

Florence & The Machine Fall 2012 Ceremonials Tour

When I saw that Florence and the Machine was coming to my area I freaked out.  Luckily, my boyfriend was able to get some tickets pre-sale because the seats for the show cold out extremely quickly.  Eventually they opened up lawn seating but this is a show I needed seats for, not that we ever sat in them.

Yesterday was finally the day, September 16, 2012 at SPAC in Saratoga Springs, NY.  The t-shirt I wanted didn't come in my size, oh well, I will live.  I believe that was the only disappointment aside from wanting to hear more songs and for the show to last longer.  We had decent aisle seats which was great.  When you are short as me, an aisle seat is a blessing because you can lean or stand in the aisle a bit to see without trying to see over the taller people in front of you LOL

The opening act was the Maccabees who are pretty popular in the UK from what I understand.  Their music is a lot of fun though the bass was so loud I was really wishing we had found some low decibel earplugs before the show.  Oh well, my ears should be fine. The music was still a lot of fun to bop around to and enjoy before Florence appeared.

Florence has an undeniable energy and playfulness that is intoxicating.  Her voice is as pure and amazing as you expect but so powerful.  She truly loves and appreciates her fans.  She is far from jaded and you can see in her performance that she loves what she does.  I have to say,  I did not expect her to be as energized as she was and when I say energized, I mean like a gazelle powered by lithium batteries.   She jumps, she runs, she dances, she sings, she sways, she climbs, she gets down in the crowd and runs a lap of the entire amphitheater.  She does this all in a long flowing dress. Not only that, she does all this and can keep on singing!  There is a reason her previous album was called Lungs because she has some lungs, some of the most powerful ones I have ever seen.

The crowd was all types and ages. Everyone from young kids to gray-haired folks, hipsters to geeks, the crowd was packed with them all, happy and enjoying the show together.  It was an amazing experience and felt almost surreal.

She loves to get the crowd involved.  She asks you to help sing songs, she asks you to offer your loved one as a sacrifice by lifting them up on your shoulders before she starts singing Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up), she insists that no one sits down, and she makes everyone jump during Dog Days Are Over. She accepts a teddy bear and a t-shirt from the audience with complete graciousness and love.  The teddy bear even got to dance with her and got a kiss before sitting by the piano.

She seemed to love the energy as much as we loved her and said she would see us soon so I am hopeful that she plans to return to this venue or another one in our area.  This is a show not to be missed!

If she does come back to town, I really hope she plays our song since my boyfriend and I would really love to hear it live.
Our song - "You've Got The Love"

Some of my favorites pics I took at the show:

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