Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What is Heather Up to?

I feel like I haven't been blogging quite as much this summer.  There has been a lot going on and my focus has been spread across a lot of things.

I am still making sure I post something here a couple times per week and hope to get to posting things I have been promising for a while like DIY beauty products, more product reviews, makeup looks and videos.  A lot of work has to go into these posts.  I need the right set up for photo taking, then I need to edit those photos, then those need to be uploaded and then I need to write my blog post.  Let's not even get into the amount of work it takes to do a video.  The videos are especially tough for me since my laptop and PC are not as new as they once were. Programs can be slow and I don't have a lot of room for huge video files so I often have to go through and back up items and delete them before I can work on a video. Then I have to edit the video and get it uploaded to Youtube.  It takes a lot of time and work.  I will get them all up as promised but just wanted to let you know why it is taking so long.

I have some fun new items I haven't blogged about yet, I am getting back into playing with eye  makeup looks.   I have a bunch of supplies for making DIY beauty products and just need to find the time to sit down with them and snap pics.  It is all on the way so I hope you stick around. 

What have I been up to this summer?

  • June: I had a big work conference in NYC that I blogged about. Then, sadly, Mr. Kitty passed away in June.  It was a rough month after he was gone and things were pretty tough before then as well as he was battling aggressive cancer.  I started going to the gym again for the first time since my hip and low-back injury last summer.  I've still been trying to focus on pain management, getting myself in better shape and healthier.  Busy busy busy.
  • July:  We went to the coast of Maine for a few days.  I loved it there.  Wish I had more time there.  I got to stop at the new Bare Escentuals Outlet in NH on the way home.  My boyfriend had shoulder surgery and they found 3 things to repair so he is now home on the mend with use of only one arm which means I am doing a lot more at home.  I got really mad about my food allergies/intolerances and ate then all and then felt horrible so I guess I taught myself a lesson LOL I went to see an orthopedic specialist for my feet who was extremely discouraging and insisted I need surgery.  Once I heard the details of the surgery and recovery time and that it might not make me feel better, I opted to get a good cry out of my system and then seek alternative help like I have for most other health issues.At least he gave me copies of my x-rays so I have proof for doubting doctors that I was born with feet this flat and I also was told that I have no arthritis in my feet.   I am also going to see a podiatrist again to see if I need new orthotics.  I have gone to podiatrists off and on since I was about 12 or so. I ended the month on a happy note by going to Saratoga Paint & Sip studio with my mom.  It was so much fun and really sparked my need and desire to paint and create again.  We got to paint peacocks and drink wine.  I loved it!  I also did the Chopra Center 21-day Meditation Challenge this month, though sadly I was so busy, I missed out on the last 2 days.  I hope they repeat the program again as it was a good one. Not only that but I completed my 6 month program with my life coach, Amy, who was a guest blogger here a few months ago.
  • August: Lots of the same things are still going on.  Working on trying to get healthier and stronger.  My boyfriend is still home and on the mend with only full use of one arm.  I finally set up an art area in my tower room, which is also my beauty room.  I dug through storage at my parents house and found my old paints, brushes, sketchpads, etc and brought them to our apartment.  We've been trying to take little daytrips to get the boyfriend out of the house but I am really lacking in the me-time department.  I am not alone at work or at home just about all the time now.  I don't think my commute to and from work counts as me-time LOL
So needless to say, I have been really busy and have not had all the time I normally do to focus on the beauty blog.  No worries though, I am still here.  Sometimes we need a little time to refocus and deal with life.  Even when I don't get a chance to post new stuff here multiple times per week, I make sure to post on Twitter and Facebook when there is an interesting article or a great sale so make sure you look for me there.

Thanks so much for your support and I hope you keep on visiting Beauty Au Natural! 

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