Monday, August 27, 2012

New Jewelry Storage - Yay!

I was feeling bogged down and unable to find what I wanted in my jewelry collection.  I collect a lot of artisan crafted pieces at arts and crafts festivals, fun artsy shops and when I travel.  I hate to own things that I don't use let alone can't even find.  I have 2 silver safekeepers and a keyholder that I was using for necklaces.  I had a bunch of earrings on a votive holder so they could be displayed but it was too full and one of my silver safekeepers was being kept way too high for short little me to be able to really see what was in there.  I looked around for something budget friendly that could solve my issue without needing to redo my setup or buy lots of shelves or tables or anything.  Finally, I found it!

On I found jewelry holders. Jewelry Holders for You has a shop on Etsy. My collection is mostly earrings and pendants or necklaces.  I do have some fun bracelets and a few rings but earrings and necklaces are my thing.  I found an earring specific jewelry holder that sounded like the right color for my look. For $39.95 plus shipping, I ordered a jewelry holder that was mostly for earrings.  I picked cocoa brown since it sounded similar to the color of my dresser.  They didn't have this pre-made so I had to wait a while.  They put the date it will be ready in the listing info so you know how long you need to wait.  They ship insanely fast too so once it is ready, you will have it in less than a week.

Mine arrived and I was so excited.  First off, it was way lighter than I expected which is a good thing.  I didn't want to hang some heavy thing on my apartment walls and then put tons of earrings on it too.  Not only was it light, it matched my dresser perfectly.  Yay!

I finally hung it this weekend.  They provided nails and instructions for hanging it up.    Then the real work began...sorting through all my earrings and figuring out where I want them.  The jewelry holder went up on the wall and opened up a spot on a little shelf I have so I could move my Silver Safekeeper and finally see what is in there.  Here is the final look!  

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