Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bare Escentuals Wanderlust Beach Collection

 I have been on a much tighter budget so I wasn't able to jump and buy all the new Wanderlust collections like I used to be able to.  In face, my favorite one was the Beach Collection which I had seen at Ulta, about an hour and 20 min from my house, in May.  I thought, "Oh, I will wait to order."  Big mistake, every Ulta in my area and the Ulta.com website sold out!!!   Soooo I posted to my reader friends and one good friend found it in her local Ulta and picked it up for me, phew!  Thanks Amy!!! <3  Whatever did we do before paypal and facebook? LOL

So anyway, the collection is here and I love it!  The eye colors are fabulous and the chic radiance is my surprise item of this kit. It is my fave!  So perfect for a summery or even warm autumn look.  I didn't swatch the liner since I don't wear the Round the Clock liners (I plan to gift or sell it so I don't want to tarnish it with swatch use). I wore a Big & Bright Liner in Bronze in place of it.  They seemed similar in color.  The lip gloss is a great one for summer.  I love BE natural lip glosses.  (I was looking at old pics of myself on the blog and thought, why do I look so much more finished in these pics.  I am wearing all the same makeup...wait, I haven't been wearing gloss much lately so I am on a gloss kick.)  The bag is also super cute and summery.

I will post pics of me wearing this collection this week. 


Iced Champagne gloss at the top, Chic Radiance in the middle, Tidal Wave Eyecolor on the left, first dry, the foiled, Cabana on the right, first dry, then foiled

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