Thursday, August 23, 2012

25% Off au naturale Brushes and Powdered Products August 18th - 24th!

 I am a little late on this one but there is still time.  I had Au Naturale week a while ago where I reviewed one product from Au Naturale per day.  You can see all those reviews here. Please note that this does exclude creme products.

Alex & Von is having a sale on Au Naturale products:

25% Off au naturale Brushes and Powdered Products August 18th - 24th!
Beginning Saturday, August 18th at 8:00am eastern and running through Friday, August 24th at 11:59pm eastern, all Brushes and the following powdered products will be on sale for 25% off:
Powdered Foundations
Powdered Blushes
Powdered Eye Shadows
Powdered Bronzers
Powdered Highlighters
Finishing Powders

Exclusions: Crème Products

If you want to check out the sale, here is a list of shops for particular Alex & Von consultants whom I have been in contact with.  To be fair, I wanted to make sure I included all of their links.  I am listing them alphabetically so there is no particular order to these. I want to add a note, if you visit the link for one of the consultants and then click to see another consultant's link, your browser might save the cache from the previous consultant and show their name instead of the one you just clicked on.

Elizabeth Bender

Chrystal Johnson  (also a fellow blogger at  

Holly Petrie

I am not affiliated with this company. I purchased these products myself for personal use unless otherwise noted. My opinion is completely honest no matter how I received any items mentioned on this blog.

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