Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nanoparticles and Mineral Makeup - What's the deal?

This has been something I have known about for a while but many, especially those newer to natural beauty products and mineral makeup, might not know about nanoparticles and micronized minerals and whether or not mineral makeup is dangerous or not due to a lot of scare tactics and hype from various media venues.

I am not here to bash anyone who said mineral makeup is bad or mineral makeup is the safest thing in the world.  I am here to inform.  Since my day job is as an academic librarian, I am able to do a lot of research and put some information together for you here.  I shared an article about the safety of mineral makeup on Twitter and Facebook yesterday and it got questions so I thought, I should share some info here that I think will help.

A story that I would like to share:  In October 2010, I attended a Bare Escentuals event at Bloomingdales in NYC.  Leslie Blodgett and Bravon Pascua were there to do a live makeup demo on Leslie's niece and Leslie opened up the floor to any questions from the public.  Someone asked her about the dangers of mineral makeup and how media was saying it was so bad for you.  Leslie said she has worn it for years (I can't remember the exact number so this is not an exact quote) and she has the healthiest lungs you can find.  She declared Bare Minerals to be safe and healthy and also told us all, "Don't snort your minerals!"  That is the only exact quote from that event LOL

It seems a bit to be common sense.  Yes, if I throw my entire jar of mineral makeup in the air and then inhale it all, I assume that probably isn't so safe but if I apply it properly, there should not be much getting in the air as it should be on my brush and then melding into the warmth of my skin.  The minerals should feel creamy on your skin which does away with the powdery feel and mess in the air.  Yes, you will still get some mineral fallout, which is why I keep my minerals on a placemat, but you should not have a room coated in minerals.  I think most of my mess comes from replacing the jar lid that I just swirled my mineral makeup in.

I hope you find this info helpful and informative.  For some of you it might be old news but I think it is a good topic to bring up for those who are still thinking or hearing that mineral makeup it bad for you.  I have access to more academic research information through the library where I work but my readers do not have access to the college library where I work so they would not be of much use to you and I want you to read for yourselves and develop your own thoughts and opinions on it, not just read what I think and have to say. 

Below I have collected some online resources that I think will give you a good background and info on the topic.  I tried to find some that spoke in terms that were easy to understand and seemed fairly reliable.  

This is the article I shared yesterday:
Rumor Has It: We Break Down The Reality (& Dangers) Of Mineral Makeup

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