Sunday, June 3, 2012

Revisiting May 2009 Posts

 I asked readers what they might like to see on here and many said for me to revisit old posts.  I was just getting started in 2009 so May 2009 didn't have a lot of posts.  I plan to revisit them ALL in this post.

The birth of my BE Nirvana:

In May 2009, I felt overwhelmed by my makeup collection which was mostly Bare Escentuals.  I always used to buy a lot of new products in May when they had an anniversary show on QVC because they had new goodies and special prices and my birthday is in May.  I started out calling it a diet and it grew into a Nirvana with the help of punkinwitch at BE Addicts on Delphi Forums.  She said it sounded more like a nirvana than a diet and the name stuck ever since.  My idea was to use it or lose it and I wore each BE color through the coming months, each color without repeat and at the end, I had to decide if there were colors to part with.  I posted updates throughout the months following and successfully wore all of my colors.  I did really well with this mission because I wasn't allowed to buy anything new until I was almost done.  As I look at my much larger collection now, I wonder if maybe I should take some notes from 2009 me and stop the shopping for a while?

My posts from 2009:

My obsession with the new 100% Natural Lip Glosses also started in May 2009, well probably a little before that.  Needless to say, I pretty much bought all of them.  I still love these glosses.  It was so funny how I decided to part with all my lippies that weren't natural and move on and then tadah! BE had all natural lipsticks and glosses launching.  Perfect timing!

My post:

Last but not least, I posted about Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay.  I have to say, this is still an all time favorite product.  I use it weekly most of the time.  I place a warm wash cloth on my face to open my pores, then apply a layer of the mixture of clay and apple cider vinegar on my face and leave it for about 15 minutes.  Once I rinse it off, my pores feel amazing.  You can find this at most natural stores or online at shops like Amazon or

My post:

I am not affiliated with this company. I purchased these products myself for personal use unless otherwise noted. My opinion is completely honest no matter how I received any items mentioned on this blog.

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