Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Not Getting My Updates on Facebook?

You might remember me mentioning that Facebook is now charging pages to promote their posts to people who already "like" their page.  I cannot afford to pay to promote my posts since I don't make money from my blog, not yet anyway but hopefully someday. As for now, in my opinion, if you like my page, you should see what I post unless you tell facebook otherwise.  To facebook I say "Grrrrrr!"

They say that if you go to my Facebook page and hover over "liked" you can make sure it is set to show in your news feed.

I did come up with another workaround that might work for you.  If you like seeing posts and updates from me on facbeook, friend me on Facebook if you haven't already.  I now have all my new blog posts shared on both my Beauty Au Natural Facebook Page AND my personal profile as Heather BeautyAuNatural.  You can friend me here:

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  1. What a bunch of crap from Facebook! I'm not a FB fan and this just makes me not "like" them even more.

    I hope all your FB friends and fans find your posts! :)


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