Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My conference trip to NYC

I went to NYC last week for a 3 day conference for librarians in the SUNY system.  I was very excited to get back to NYC but the conference was also being held at FIT where I used to dream of attending school.  I had evenings to go enjoy the city and the day to spend at the conference.  Another exciting factor is that I designed the conference logo and my design was printed on things all over the FIT campus.  Posters, water bottle, folders, programs, tshirts, tote bags! So exciting!

My design on a tote


I arrived and checked in.  Found my way around and arranged my dorm room.  Yes, most of us stayed in the dorms.  I had some time before the social event for the conference and weather was beautiful so I went for a walk to Madison Square Park.  I got lunch at Shake Shack, the original location, woohoo.  The line was insane but the wait wasn't as bad as it looked.  I sat in the park, enjoying the sunshine and the view of the Flatiron building.  From there, I walked back to freshen up and get to the social.

After the social, I met up with a friend to enjoy some delicious eats in the East Village.  We had pomme frites at Pomme Frites.  I had mine with a side of organic black truffle oil mayo.  I can't really eat many egg products so I was very cautious about how much I ate but had to have a taste of it.  After that way walked and did some shopping at Love Shine.  He has lots of fun stuff, jewelry and tons of high quality funky fun hand sewn bags. I was in heaven.   I found a great tote bag and new yoga bag too.  After that, we enjoyed cupcakes at Butter Lane.  From there, we walked to the West Village and enjoyed Washington Square Park.  After a lot of walking, we took a break at Starbucks and eventually grabbed a cab back up to the FIT area.  We did witness a march which was quite big.  There was tons of people, lots of banging and clanging sounds and tons of cops.  We later found out that it was a march for solidarity with the student protestors of Quebec.  I guess there were a lot of arrests and they marched from the Village all the way to Times Square.  I am so glad we got out of there when we did!


Big conference day.  I woke up disturbingly early so I went for a walk and got some great bagels at Brooklyn Bagels and some doughnuts from Doughnut Plant.  Yummy!!!
One of the best doughnuts ever!

Lots of sessions, keynote speakers, presentations, etc.  I did a poster presentation that went really well.  After a long day of presentations, I went to the Museum at FIT.  Gorgeous designer dresses from the 50s to present day.  Best of all, the museum is free!  I was in awe of some of these items. You can see some of them on their website: They also had an exhibit of their senior class projects, all Barbie themed.  Very cool stuff!
Me with my poster presentation

After that, I hopped on the subway and went to my favorite Bare Escentuals boutique in the world, Times Square.  I was able to shop there for friends & family, how perfect! I got to visit and picked up the customizable foundation and color case and the Ready Quad in The Soundtrack.  I never got the holiday compacts so these colors were not duplicates to me.

From there, I walked through Rockefeller Center where I saw the sights and got a piece of cake at Magnolia Bakery. I asked for the piece of cake and Martin said he wanted to check with his boss.  The last piece of cake was too small to make 2 slices and too big to count as just want.  He came back with the ok to give me the WHOLE thing.  Thanks Martin!  Then I walked on further to have dinner at Naya Express.  I wanted to try Lebanese food in the city and was happy to find this place.  After that, I hopped on the subway, exhausted and ready to crash and went back to my dorm room.


I didn't do as much conference stuff on the last day.  I had a nagging feeling to get things done ASAP and get home.  I felt spent and wiped out and just wanted to be home even though I had planned to spend a lot of time in the city that day.  I went to Eden Fine Art gallery for some happy inspirational art after another walk through Rockefeller Center.  I made a quick stop at the NBC Experience store and got out of there ASAP as Chris Brown was performing soon.

I walked down to the NY Public Library and saw some sort of fashion shoot going on.  I walked around back to Bryant Park and then took the subway to eventually make my way to Chelsea Market.  I went to the Chelsea Market Independent Designers Pop Shop and got a great tank top and headband.  I drooled over some gorgeous Italian leather that was out of my price range and people kept talking to me like I was from NYC which always feels good.  I grabbed some yummy treats from Fat Witch and Amy's Bread and then walked back to FIT.  I made a stop at Blosson Vegan Bakery and Billy's Bakery and I was so done.
The photoshoot on the front steps of NY Public Library
Pop Shop in Chelsea Market
One of the best cakes ever, at Amy's Bread

I checked out of my room and waited for other librarians.  From there, I took the train home and got home much earlier than expected.  I am so glad I followed my gut as getting home early gave me a nice evening with my boyfriend and our sweet Mr. Kitty who we lost the next day.  Mr. Kitty had been battling a rare aggressive form of cancer and there were no signs it was so close to the end until that Saturday.  Many thanks to NYC and SUNYLA for the much needed break so I could get home and unwind and enjoy some quality time with my boys. 

In loving memory of Mr. Kitty, one of the best kitties in the world.  We love and miss you!

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  1. I loved reading about your conference in NYC! What a wonderful job you did on the logos! While it was delightful to share NY with you, it was heartbreaking to read of Mr. Kitty again :( I am so glad you were able to follow your gut, get home early and spend a lovely evening with him. I am so very sorry for your loss.


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