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Meet Your Match: Alima Pure's New Foundation Selector

Lately, I have been feeling like my foundation shade might need to be rematched.  Must be the change of seasons as my complexion is a bit darker and definitely has a lot more freckles.  With perfect timing, I was asked to test out Alima Pure's new Foundation Selector.  You go to their site and visit the selector.  All you have to do is answer a few questions and you are done.  I was a bit skeptical when the questions were done, like, that is it?  They must have done their homework because I was able to find my match in my first try.

In answering the questions, I did get a bit stuck once or twice.  They have helpful links with more information if you aren't sure.  For me, I always want to think my skin's undertone is more golden than it really is. Then I remember #1 I don't color my hair red anymore and #2 all my previous color matches have been less golden and more neutral.  It helped me answer the question but they also have a helpful video to assist if you aren't sure what your undertone is.

Once you answer a couple questions, they pick out 4 possible foundation matches for you.  You can email the results to yourself or order a sample kit.  The sample kit comes with a sample of each foundation, a sample of pink satin blush, a cruelty free baby kabuki brush, an Alima Pure makeup bag and a coupon to use on a future foundation purchase.  Mine also came with a sample of finishing powder though I don't see it listed on the website.  All this for $20!!!!  What a great way to try out their product and find a color match.  I love this idea.

My sample kit came quickly, though mine was sent for review purposes.  My previous Alima Pure purchases all shipped pretty quickly.  I could not wait to test it out and the brush with this kit, fabulous!   I think this baby kabuki might become my everyday foundation brush.  It is synthetic but not as super soft as other synthetic brushes because it has that great texture to help really apply the mineral foundation well. Yes, it is still soft but not so supple that it can lie flat on your skin with a little pressure like some softer synthetic brushes.  I hope I am making sense with this description.

I tested out the shades a few times and I think I decided that Beige 2 was my best match.  Neutral 2 was pretty close too.  I am guessing that in the winter, I might lighten up to Beige 1.  I also think that with more color to my skin, I might need to go down to Beige or Neutral 3.

Another great feature: they have a foundation match guarantee.  Don't find your match in this sample kit, contact them and they will send you more samples to try out.  See the pic below for more info. 

I also wanted to add that they are running a special right now. There is a Gift with Purchase offer! All orders over $50 receive a free #15 Flat Top Foundation Brush. Offer good through Monday, June 25 (2 pm PST).  No coupon code needed, if you place an order over $50, the brush will be included.
Pic from

Finally, my pics of the whole testing process and what came in my sample kit! 

My tests:
I tried to get the color as accurate as possible by taking pics with both my ottlite makeup mirror and the natural sunlight coming in through the window, even though I took these all around the same time, the sunlight did vary depending on clouds.  

Naked face with ottlite
Naked Face with natural light
Beige 0 with ottlite
Beige 0 with natural light
Beige 1 with ottlite
Beiege 1 with natural light
Beige 2 with ottlite
Beige 2 with natural light
Neutral 2 with ottlite
Neutral 2 with natural light
My finished look with Alima Pure Beige 2.  
I used 100% Pure Luminous primer, Beige 2 foundation, Beige 2 as concealer, Alima Pure Keiko Finishing Powder, 100% Pure Cocoa bronzer as all over face color, Alima Pure Pink Satin Matte Blush,100% Pure Black Tea Mascara and Gabriel Cosmetics Lipstick in Maple Shimmer. 

Taken with natural sunlight
Taken with natural sunlight
Taken with flash

I am not affiliated with this company. I purchased these products myself for personal use unless otherwise noted. My opinion is completely honest no matter how I received any items mentioned on this blog.

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  1. WOW! Thanks for sharing this and what fun to see the progression of matching! I've not been feeling too great about my foundation these days and am going to give Alima Pure a try!!


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