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Guest Blogger: Amy Lee Czadzeck: I believe we are all beautiful

I would like to give a warm welcome to today's guest blogger, Amy Lee Czadzeck. I have been working with Amy for a while now and she accepted my invitation to post about beauty. I hope you enjoy it!
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When we trust and allow ourselves to be with wonder and grace and courage and openness, we are living in our innate beauty. That innate beauty is not about an outward appearance. Although that outward appearance will be glowing, if that innate beauty is recognized.

I believe we are all beautiful.

We are born with beauty unique to ourselves.
We live beauty that results in different experiences that mold and shape us.
We die with beauty that is very much still alive after our physical form leaves.

The simple way to remember this innate beauty is to use our senses is right now in the present moment. Take a deep breath, rub your hands together, and touch a place on your body that needs some love and warmth.

Good job! You just gave yourself an instant beauty blessing.

When we explore our senses, we begin to model a behavior of beauty from our insides that is deep and rich and damn HOT! Our heart, our guts, our integrity, our thoughtful actions and essence blooms. The inside goodness radiates outward revealing comfort, confidence, freedom, and presence in our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Right now, I only feel comfortable and confident when I close my eyes. I belong to embracing all of my life. All it’s pain and wonder. We often forget that, sometimes things won’t be rosey all the time. If we can hold a container of acceptance for that unrosey space, we can use our sensing to support us and serve us in recognizing our imperfections and true nature of love.

Sensing and Sensitive, we all are. When we allow ourselves to slow down and use our senses instead of just our brain, we begin to witness the beauty of ourselves and the world that we live in everyday.

Want to give it a try?

Close your eyes and open a book with a single hair in it, allow your fingertips to discriminate that hair. Now, go on and use your other senses. Take a walk into the world. What do you hear? What sounds do you enjoy hearing? What tastes do you like? What memories does this bring up? What else can you come up with? And how does it feel?
Photo courtesy of Saratography
Amy Lee Czadzeck, Chief Visionary Officer & Coach of The Growing Table leads others to venture into new territory, to drop doubts, to ground and manifest a sense of courage and love.

A grace note from a lovely client: "Working with Amy has been like having the greatest of self-help books that comes with someone to check in on me, see how I am doing and help see how things apply to what is going on in my life. Our sessions have brought a sense of calm and hope into my life. Amy is helping me find my mojo again. The artist inside that has been screaming to come back out now has a helper and advocate.  As a client, she shows you nothing but warmth and love and she has a way of making you instantly feel like you are talking with a dear friend.  Amy is truly passionate about her work and helping people feel better and you can see and feel it when you work with her." ~Heather 
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