Wednesday, March 28, 2012

LATHER Patchouli Olive Oil Soap

 I continue on with my new found love of olive oil soaps with LATHER's Patchouli Olive Oil Soap

LATHER sent me this bar for review purposes and since I have a lot of soap, it took me a little while to work up to using it but now I have.  This bar is really smooth and creamy, it lathers well and feels moisturizing.  When you see "patchouli" you might think of that strong aroma normally associated with hippies but this is a lovely soft version of patchouli.  As long as you keep the bar out of moisture, don't leave it sitting in a wet puddle in the shower, it will last long.  It is great as a body soap or a hand soap.  I try to use olive oil soap for my hands as much as possible since a bar of soap is said to be the best one to use as defense against germs. Not only is this soap great for your skin, natural and moisturizing but for every bar purchased, 5 bars are donated to Clean The World.

Info from the LATHER website:
This bar is great for all skin types, but especially soothing to dry skin. In addition to olive oil it includes hemp oil, one of nature�s best emollients, to help repair the skin's moisture barrier. Patchouli essential oil is blended with lavender for a nice balance of warm, earthy, herbal and floral, to center the mind and induce a sense of calm. Rosemary extract acts as a natural preservative. Sulfate and paraben-free.

Use: With water, work into a rich lather.

For every olive oil soap sold, LATHER will donate the equivalent of five bars of soap to Clean The World, a non-profit organization that recycles and distributes soap around the world to people in need. 

Ingredients: saponified oils of palm*, coconut* and olive*, patchouli oil, lavender oil, orange oil, hemp oil, rosemary extract*. *organic ingredients

I am not affiliated with this company. I purchased these products myself for personal use unless otherwise noted. My opinion is completely honest no matter how I received any items mentioned on this blog.

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  1. Now this looks like a soap I would use everyday.

    Very dry skin on my hands, especially during winter. I am just starting to recover from it, with the spring finally settling in. I wonder what those "organic ingredients" include.

    1. The ingredients marked with an * are the organic ones.


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