Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mineral Eye Makeup Nirvana Report

If you are newer to my blog, you might not know what I am talking about when I say "nirvana."  This became the name of my mission to wear all my Bare Escentuals eyecolors without repeat a few years ago.  I started out by calling it a diet but a forum friend suggested that it sounded more like a nirvana so that became the name.  I think it is important to use things you own so I want to make sure I use all my makeup and I have a large collection so it takes a while.  It can be a lot of fun because you can discover or rediscover colors you might not remember on a daily basis.

Here are the details of my current nirvana.  This time around, I am trying to wear all my mineral eyecolors, this includes shadows, glimmers and liners.  I count samples of colors too since they are still a color in my makeup drawer.  I am trying to wear each eyecolor without repeat.  To keep track, I flip them over in my storage drawers so I don't grab it next time when I go to get colors to wear.   I am not counting my pressed natural shadows, high shine tubes, or big & bright liners for this.  The only colors that count are my loose mineral shadows and liners.

I did a quick count of what is in my storage area.  I have 641 colors total to wear.  515 colors are Bare Escentuals shades.  126 colors are from other mineral make up lines. Out of those numbers, I wore 151 colors total so far.  134 of them were from Bare Escentuals and only 17 from other mineral make up lines. That leaves me with 507 colors I need to wear.  Yikes! Still a long way to go.  I only started this in December so I am doing well, especially considering that I do skip make up some days.  I am looking forward to discovering new favorite colors and color combinations.

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  1. OH.MY.GOD. that is a LOT of makeup!

  2. Heather, u should join our nirvana on BE Addicts!!!

  3. Wow, that is a ton of eyeshadow. How long have you been collecting it?

  4. I've been wearing mineral makeup for almost 11 years so I would say, this is about 10-1/2 years worth of eyecolors.

  5. wow amazing collection !

  6. That's a lot of eyeshadow to get through! Have fun with it!
    That light up mirror is so pretty x

  7. Since I've finally finished my BE reorganization, I've followed your nirvana example. It's almost like having all new makeup. I've rediscovered so many pretty colors. I'm not counting my shadows though - I don't think I want to know LOL!

  8. wow, Heather that is awesome, and we get to reap the benefits of your combos through your posts, thank you!!!


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