Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chopra Center's 21-day Meditation Challenge

I finally started meditating last summer.  It was so funny.  My boyfriend had seen Deepak Chopra on Dr. Oz and recorded it for me.  I watched the show and really felt encouraged to start meditating.  It is something I have wanted to do but find hard to get started on my own.  I know my yoga instructor does it and there are many places in town near my work that offer it but I wasn't sure where to start or what was right for me.  I know I tend to get lost in my own thoughts when I try to be quiet so I needed a guided meditation.  I saw on the Chopra Center's website that they had a 21-day meditation challenge and you could pay to listen to them all. The price wasn't bad so I thought this was good.  Not too long after finding this, I saw that they offer the program for free at various parts of the year and sign up for the next one was starting.  How perfect!  It can't hurt to try something for free.  I did the 21-day challenge and felt so many changes within myself.  Sure I might miss a day here and there but they leave the old meditations available for long enough so you can catch up.  This was at a very difficult time in my life and I truly feel I came out of it better.  They recently had the same exact program for free so I signed up to do it again.  Even though it was all the same meditations I had done over the summer, they affected me differently this time around.

I enjoy this program because they tend to include a variety of guides throughout the program.  Davidji is my favorite, his voice is so soothing.  It doesn't matter what religion you are.  It is all about your own spiritual well being and being present in this moment.  It is a great way to grow or to simply get some alone time to tone out your day.  

Now the Chopra Center is having a new 21-day Meditation Challenge.  I am signed up and looking forward to it.  This one is called the Body-Mind Odyssey.  It starts on Feb 20, 2012.  How it works is you register on their website for free during this time and they will email you a new meditation daily.  You can do it at your leisure, whenever it works best for you.  If you don't do it, no one will know.  It is all up to you.  You can register through Facebook or without Facebook.  If you are on Facebook you can follow the challenge on Facebook for any updates. 

If you are interested, click here to register for free! Join me and many others in 21 days of meditation. 

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