Monday, December 12, 2011

My Alima Pure Black Friday-Cyber Monday Haul

For Black Friday - Cyber Monday, Alima Pure had a special offer that if you spent $35 or more, you got a free set of mini eye brushes. I had wanted to try one of their Seasonal Collections so I ordered Cold Outside for $36.  Cold Outside is a set of 3 full size eyeshadows and 1 full size blush.  The mini brush set came in a brown bag and also included 2 samples.  All orders also come with 2 samples so I ended up with 4 samples total.  

The colors are gorgeous and I love their packaging.  These colors have a hint of sparkle which seems so perfect for this time of year. It is like sparkling snow.  They are beautiful both dry or wet (foiled).

The synthetic brushes are adorable and worked really well with the eye colors.  I am surprised by how much I loved them. They are short handled versions of their full size brushes.  These are just the brushes I would use to apply most eye looks.

Stay tuned for pics of color swatches and some eye looks using these colors! 

My pics:
Even though they have the bird design on their lids, the inner lid is flat and clear so you can easily swirl or wet your eyeshadow or liner.

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  1. That mini brush set looks awesome -- definitely let us know how you like them as I'm always on the lookout for the newest synthetic brushes ;)


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