Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Beautiful Twists by Ella Dean on Etsy.com

This is a LONG OVERDUE post.  I found out about Beautiful Twists from Ella Dean because a friend of mine had her very own lip conditioner designed via Beautiful Twists. I decided to give the products a try this past summer since they are great natural vegan products.  I am only sorry it took me this long to post an entry about them here on my blog. The seller is away at the moment but I suggest you add her to your Etsy circles and keep an eye out for her great handmade products. The scents are just scrumptious.

I tried out their Lip Conditioners, Bath Salt Soaks and Goddess Mist.  The lip conditioners I tried were my friend's which is Air Force Wife Rachel's Vegan Lip Conditioner.  This one is described as angel food cake topped with raspberries & cherries. Yummy! I also tried Aphrodite's Embracing Your Inner Beauty Potion and Woodland Nymph Kisses. These are really luscious.
image from Beautiful Twists Etsy.com Shop

I also tried 3 Himalayan Soothing Rose Petal Bath Salt Soaks because it let me try out 3 scents in cute little jars.The scents I tried were Pampering Songs Of Vanilla Cola For A Goddess, Never Too Old For Unicorn Dreams and One Smart Chocolate Chip Coffee Cookie Latte For A Much Deserved Goddess.   How cute are these scent names?!?!
image from Beautiful Twists Etsy Shop

Then I tried the Greek God Avel's Vanilla Cola Goddess Mist which is super sweet and delicious smelling. Makes me wish I could drink a vanilla coke. I like to spritz this one on anytime to freshen up and smell super sweet.
image from the Beautiful Twists Etsy Shop

I am not affiliated with this company. I purchased these products myself for personal use unless otherwise noted.

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