Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Switch to Eco Tools Face Brushes

I have recently fallen in love with Eco Tools face brushes.  After trying them out during summer and participating in their Choose to Live Beautifully campaign (a campaign that let you send in beauty products to be recycled and you would get up to 2 coupons for $7.99 worth of Eco Tools in exchange), I adore brand.  Their brushes are extremely soft and great to use with mineral make up.  They are so gentle on my face no matter how much I use them.  They don't seem to shed much and are less likely to get smooshed from harder application technique.  The brushes are both earth friendly and cruelty free. If you are an animal lover or trying to be more green or both, these brushes are for you.  I have switched my face brushes to almost all Eco Tools brushes along with some other synthetic brushes and my face seems happier for it.  I am not sure what I will do with all my old brushes, recycle or gift them? Who knows.  For now, I am extremely happy.  I have a huge eye brush collection so a complete switch is less likely though I find myself reaching for synthetic brushes over animal hair brushes more and more.  Not only are the brushes great but they are extremely affordable and can be found in Target stores, Walgreens, Wal-Mart and more!

My new Eco Tools face brush routine:

I apply my Bare Minerals original foundation with the Retractable Recycled Kabuki or the Bamboo Bronzer Brush.  Both are fabulous for coverage and insanely soft and gentle on my skin. (Images from the Eco Tools website)

Next, I apply my Summer Bisque concealer with the Bamboo Deluxe Concealer Brush or the mini version that came in the Bamboo 5 piece Collection. (Images from the Eco Tools website)

I apply Faux Tan Matte or another All Over Face Color with the Mineral Powder Brush from the Bamboo 5 piece brush Collection.

I apply Mineral Veil with the Bamboo Powder brush. It is so soft and fluffy and covers my whole face quickly.  (Image from the Eco Tools website)

I apply blush with the Bamboo Blush Brush.  My God, this brush is supple and luxurious.  You will want to put blush on all the time! (Image from the Eco Tools website)

That is my new mineral make up face routine! If you are too sensitive skinned for animal hair brushes or just want something earth and animal friendly, these brushes are worth a try.  You can't beat the price either.  If you want to know what stores near you should have Eco Tools, check out their Where to Buy Page.

I am not affiliated with this company. I purchased these products myself for personal use unless otherwise noted.

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  1. Love EcoTools. Have you seen their new kabuki set?

  2. I am recommending eco brushes to my friends, using eco brushes is absolutely good and helpful.I am using eco brsuhes for almost three tow years now.
    natural products

  3. I never heard of EcoTools, but I would be looking for them now and getting some.They look really great and lasting.

  4. Great review thanks! I too switched over to synthetic brushes a few months back - best idea I ever had hehehe

    I plan on buying just about all the brushes you mentioned here. I just ordered a bunch of synthetics from ELF so I want to play with those first :)

  5. I have been eying these brushes for a while. They are on my to buy and try list.

  6. I switched to Sephora's synthetic brushes and gave up my well-loved MAC set a while back when I became a vegetarian. I find that to get a nice finish with mineral products, you definitely need the perfect brushes. I'm glad to hear that the eco tools brushes are worth a try since they are a bargain!
    As always, fab post Heather!


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