Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Ever Changing and Growing Make Up Storage

I am really working on streamlining my entire apartment.  I am tired of feeling overwhelmed and overcrowded.  I had other plans for the weekend but had a little car accident which changed my plans and had me set to spend a couple days close to home so I did a lot of sorting and cleaning.  One of the projects was my beauty storage area.  My make up collection keeps growing and I noticed that it was getting harder to find things.  I also wanted to start wearing other brands that I had in other storage so I opted to finally intermingle my mineral make up brands and store them all together to make it easier. I also had to go through some things to see if they were still good and sadly found some items that were past their shelf life.  Anything that smelled wrong or that I knew was too old went in the trash.  Luckily, my collection is mostly mineral pigments which don't spoil.

Here are some pics of the final storage.  I still need to figure out how I want to label other brands of minerals in the drawers.

The overall area sits on top of my dresser.
I print labels for each drawer so I know what is stored there.
My current method for labeling Bare Escentuals jars
Some of the other brands, not sure if or how I want to label them.
My flip top storage. I keep lip gloss, lip and eye pencils, mascara, etc in the stand up section and lippies in the flip tops
Inside flip top 1
Inside flip top 2

Lippie storage on top of the right side of the drawers
Vincenzo and Hello Kitty guard my high shines, Leslie signed compact, body lingerie and cup of brushes to be cleaned (on the left side)
My daily basics live on top of my dresser on an easy to clean placemat
My recently downsized brush collection along with other brand blushes, gel eyeliners and pressed shadows

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  1. I need my own beauty corner in my room somewhere!

  2. This is Awesome Heather! I wouldn't know what to do with that much makeup! But I sure could have fun playing!!!


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