Monday, November 14, 2011

Dust Organic Mineral Cosmetics

Thanks to their website for the image!
I finally got to stop by the Body Lounge in Saratoga Springs to check our Dust Organic Mineral Cosmetics.  Another great eco-friendly and cruelty-free mineral make up line.  This one was created locally in my area by Aleah who is both a Certified Licensed Esthetician and Master Makeup Artist.  Aleah owns the Body Lounge in Saratoga, a very different kind of spa.  Of course, the part I was most excited about was her line of mineral make up, Dust.  I got to sit down with Jennifer who is the Body Lounge's make up artist.  She helped me pick out some colors I liked so I could finally try them out.  

The eyecolors I picked up were Orchids & DiamondsSagebrush Pearl, and Golden Green. I took a lot of pics and wore them recently.  Here are my pics and comments: 

  • Local company, made in the USA
  • Cruely-free animal friendly
  • Earth friendly
  • Gorgeous color selection, vibrant shades, fabulous depth, some opalescent/holographic-like effects
  • Chemical free, natural and organic
  • I have a local place where I can go pick them up or if you order only shipping is a flat rate
  • A little pricey ($20 each for eyecolors)
  • Smaller jar size
  • Fill level of the jars isn't "full" which I know is important to many
It was suggested that I poke a hole or two in the seal to get the color out but that didn't work well for pics
Pics of open, unsealed jars
Side by side jar comparison with a Bare Escentuals mini eyecolor
A pic of the jar fill level
Colors applied dry first, then wet (foiled) Top to Bottom: Golden Green, Sagebrush Pearl, Orchids & Diamonds
Orchids & Diamonds with BE B&B Liner in Indigo

Golden Green on lids with Sagebrush Pearl in Crease & V, BE B&B Charbronze liner

I am not affiliated with this company. I purchased these products myself for personal use unless otherwise noted.

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  1. Thanks for your great tips. The products that you showed are really great and I'll definitely try out some of those eye shadows. Thanks again, Arina at


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