Monday, October 31, 2011

Lotus Wei Flower Essences & Wei of Chocolates

I first heard about Lotus Wei on No More Dirty Looks blog.  Then soon after, I saw it at a local green spa, Complexions, when I went in for a massage.  I thought about picking some up after my massage and my massage therapist used some of their lotions on me during my massage and I have to say I loved them.  I picked up 2 Body Sprays and 2 of the Chocolates to try out.

On the Lotus Wei website, they ask you to pick the flower that speaks to you the most.  I can never pick just one.  If you go ahead and click on Moods, you will see the collection of body products.  They use flower essences in order to bring nature back into our lives.   Wei of Chocolate is a sister company that makes chocolates containing essences as well. The 2 are meant to help bring more balance and health to you.  The trick with the chocolates is that you are supposed to put it in your mouth and let it melt, never chew.  If you love chocolate like I do, that is not an easy thing to do. I have to say, letting the chocolate melt in my mouth made a difference.  I could taste and appreciate the chocolate as well as the essences.  It let them release into my system at a nice slow pace and it almost felt like a mini meditation just sitting quietly and letting the chocolate do its thing.  With the sprays, I love to spritz myself anytime of day or night.  I use Quiet Mind the most. I love to spray it on before bed to help quiet my thoughts.  It also smells fantastic.  Inspired Action is another favorite of mine.

I had a wonderful experience with their customer service.  One of the spray pumps would not spray so I submitted an online form on their website.  After I didn't hear back, I posted on their facebook page too.  It seems their online form was broken and I helped them discover it so they were very grateful and kind.  They not only sent me a new sprayer for my bottle but 3 sample bottles of Quiet Mind, Infinite Love & Pure Energy.  They seem to really appreciate their customers and are involved in some fun events in the NYC area that I wish I could get to, often combining their essences with yoga. 

Some info on the essence moods that I own:

Quiet Mind is meant to help you get rid of tension, calm your mind and sleep soundly.  The scent is described on their website as Refreshing, clarifying Lemon, Geranium, & Coriander. I love this one.  I spritz it on before bed most nights.

Inspired Action is meant to help you get things done, maintain motivation and be clear and decisive. The scent is described on their website as Exotic & spicy with pink pepper, Jamaican bay & citrus.  It is so bright and citrusy, very lime scented on my skin.   It really helps liven me up.  I thought it would be good to help me get moving since I need motivation to get plenty done, get active again and try to be more creative.

Infinite Love is meant to help you attract & enhance love and to be more kind to yourself. The scent is described on their website as Beautiful soft aroma of Red Rose, Red Mandarin, & Beeswax Absolute.Such a pretty natural scent.  Like we all don't need more love and to learn to be more kind to ourselves.

Pure Energy is meant to energize and revitalize as well as protect you from other people's stress.  The scent is described on their website as Warming & yummy Grapefruit, Cinnamon, Coffee & Black Pepper. Another  yummy one and anything that protects me from other's people's stress should come in a vat!

They do not run cheap but I have to say I am impressed.  I got them as a treat to myself on a spa splurge day.  The lotions were used in my massage and she mixed them.  I think I remember her saying she used the Infinite Love and Quiet Mind for me.  I smelled great and felt great when I left.  I also have to say, every single person who worked at the spa was excited about these products.  My massage therapist (who is a friend I know) told me she never believed in aromatherapy until she tried this product line.

As for the chocolates, I wasn't as brave to try the funkier flavors so I picked up the Wei Pure and Wei Inspired.  They are all vegan, organic, gluten free and fair trade. 

To find out more about Lotus Wei Essences visit their website at: or like them on facebook at

To find our more about Wei of Chocolate visit their website at or like them on facebook at

I am not affiliated with this company. I purchased these products myself for personal use unless otherwise noted.

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