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Guest Blogger: Vanessa Brooks & Jordan Essentials

I opened up an offer to blog readers who wanted to guest blog about natural beauty products.  The first guest blogger post is here! Welcome Vanessa to the Beauty Au Natural world.  

--------------Vanessa Brooks------------------------------------

I am a 37 year old mother of 3, with a passion for skin care and makeup. I am an independent consultant with Jordan Essentials, an American owned company with American made products. Best of all, Jordan Essentials products are SLS, paraben, mineral oil and DEA free. They are safe, effective and for the whole family.
Jordan Essenitals Basic System

My interest in the more natural side to skin care began about 20 years ago, while in college. I got a part time job at a health food/alternative medicine store, and the owner spent a great deal of time educating me on the dangers of various ingredients in skin care and makeup. Over time, I began using the products we sold, and noticed a difference in my facial skin (always oily, acne-prone) and my hair. 

I was never much of a makeup gal, always felt it made my skin look worse, and the zits more obvious, so I avoided it when I could. Until I discovered mineral makeup about 10 years ago, thanks to an online buddy. I watched the infomercial, ordered the starter kit, and the rest, as they say is history. Suddenly, my skin looked radiant when I wore makeup, and because my skin could breathe under the makeup, it actually began to heal. Soon I was hooked, and within 2 years I had developed a talent for applying mineral makeup. Friends began to ask me to make them up for special events. And so an obsession began. 
Mineral Eye Shadows

From the time my children were born (they are 9,8 and 4) I have been careful which products I use on their skin. Two of my kids had eczema as babies and finding products that were both safe and gentle for their super sensitive skin was no easy task. I eventually found a brand that was safe and gentle, and my husband and I actually became retailers of this well-known brand of products for a couple of years through our website.
Then that company was bought out by a large conglomerate, and I no longer trusted their “naturalness”. I mean, it’s hard for me to believe in a company that claims to be mostly natural, when the parent company sells products that are filled with parabens, SLS, DEA etc. For a while we moved from product to product, never quite finding one brand that we loved for the whole family, and certainly not finding something that was cost-effective. 
3 My goofy kids

As my makeover business grew, I began searching for a company with products I could use, and an opportunity to for extra income. Enter Jordan Essentials. Our products are free of parabens, DEA, SLS and mineral oil. The makeup is 100% crushed minerals. There are products for babies and kids. I worried about changing the entire contents of my bathroom to products that I’d never tried before, but I can honestly say that I fell in love with these products from my first shower. The motto of the company is “Treat, Pamper, Spoil”, and honestly, that is how my body feels after a head-to-toe of Jordan Essentials products!

Our sales method is through spa shows at people’s homes and online. The hostess enjoys free and ½ price products. Guests enjoy spa or facial treatments, fun with friends, and an education in safe skincare that won’t break the bank. 

In fact, one of the things that pushed me to get into this was the price of the products. You can purchase a complete face care kit and add all the anti-aging products for under $150! Our premium spa kit costs about $1/day and has everything you need for your body. Our spa products include ingredients like Dead Sea salts, shea butter and almond oil. Our facial products contain jojoba, bentonite clay, oats and green tea. Recently we introduced an acne skincare kit, which contains willow bark extract in the moisturizer, and my skin loves it! 

Here’s your chance to try out Jordan Essentials – Win a FREE Basic Skin System ($29 value) which consists of Dead Sea salt scrub, shea butter and our signature lotion bar, in your choice of fragrance. To enter: simply send me an email to vbrooks@myjestore.com. In addition, if you make a purchase through this link, you will receive 5 entries. If you schedule a spa show (catalog/online show for non-local people included), you will receive 10 entries. The show must be scheduled for before the end of November. The winner will be picked on November 6th and notified via email. 

You can follow Vanessa on Twitter: @Vanessa_Brooks
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vanessas-Essentials/144951642234832
and her blog vanessaceo.wordpress.com 

I (Heather) am not affiliated with this company.

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