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Bare Escentuals Times Square National Event Oct 1, 2011

I planned to attend one of the BE Events in NYC this fall so I could visit my NYC area friends and Bravon  but wasn't sure which one would work out.  Once I knew the Times Square boutique was having an event on Saturday, I knew that was the one for me.  That boutique feels like my home boutique and it is much easier for me to head down on the weekend so I don't have to worry about taking time off from work.

My day started with the alarm clock going off around 5:40am or so.  I had already packed most of what I needed for the trip and set my outfit in the bathroom so I could easily get dressed after my shower.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am soooo not a morning person so this was way earlier than I am used to.  Aside from dropping a piece of my breakfast toast on the flood, the morning went without a hitch.  I got ready, made sure I had all I needed and headed to the train station in Albany (about an hour or more drive).  I got there with enough time to print my tickets and grab a drink and snack for the train, much needed since I only had 1 piece of toast with peanut butter.  The train left on time and had no delays which hardly ever happens. I watched Harry Potter 6 on my Ipod for the trip though I didn't finish the whole thing.  I got to NYC pretty close to the scheduled arrival time so the train ride took about 2.5 hours.

My first stop was the Herald Square Lush shop.  My friend from home asked if I could pick up something she was out of and I found out this location had opened since my last attempt to shop at Lush in NYC.  It was so close to the train station, I knew I had to go.  I picked up a couple bath bombs and cupcakes and the shampoo bar for my friend.  From there, I headed to Times Square.  It was a lot warmer than I expected.  The forecast called for cool and rainy but it was warm and humid instead.  My jacket was rolled up in my tote bag.

I got to the boutique and said my hellos.  It was so great to see everyone.  I was early for my appointment.  I scheduled it for later in case my train ran late so of course the train was on time today.  I had fun chatting and visiting and trying out the new Ready shadows which I had yet to see in person.  I was supposed to go to my local Albany boutique on Thursday but we had some heavy rains and flooding so I went home after work instead.  This was my first look.  I admired the looks my friends were getting in their makeunders and swatched colors all over the back of my hand.  I decided to stick within my alloted budget because I am trying very hard to pace myself in my shopping and use my credit cards less often.  Easier said than done but I am proud of myself.  It was so great to see Bravon again.  I hadn't seem him since last October when he did my makeunder in Smith Haven Mall.  Vicki from BE was also there as well as the fab National Artists.  Let's not forget my BE girls and the Times Square BE employees who are the best!

I had a makeunder with Kate after getting prepped with BE skincare.  Kate used the new Ready Shadows to create a full eye look.  She used 2 Duos together.  First she applied The Promise and added Kismet from Nick of Time which everyone loved.  She applied Espresso Big & Bright Liner, Joyous Jennifer Blush and 100% Natural Gloss in Cassis.  It was such a pretty look.

Bravon and Vicki had to leave to get to the 3rd Ave BE Event.  Hopefully next time we will get to spend more time with them but it was still wonderful to see them and it was such a nice calm event.

After we all got our makeunders, a group of us went to Five Napkin Burger for lunch.  OMG it was delicious and such a fun group of friends.  I got the original burger, so yummy.  I need to learn to make rosemary aioli. Scrumptious!
Billy's Bakery

While we were at lunch, it finally rained and it rained and it poured.  One of my friends kindly escorted me with her umbrella back to the BE boutique so I could grab my umbrella.  I headed to the subway and made my way to Billy's Bakery on 9th.  I love that bakery and had a coupon from Google deals.  I picked up 4 cupcakes and a brownie to take home.  From there, the rain had finally calmed so I walked south and stopped at Cocoa V which I had found online. They make vegan chocolates and baked goods that sound amazing so I grabbed a cookies & cream bar and a butterfinger bar.  From there I was off to Chelsea Market to visit Amy's Bread and get my absolute favorite slice of cake in the world, Yellow Cake with Pink Frosting.  It tastes so super vanilla-y. I also picked up an awesome shopping tote there which made it so easy to carry my goodies and keep them dry in the rain.  The exhaustion of getting up early, doing tons of walking and all the rainy weather hit me so I picked up a Vitamin Water and sat down to rest at Chelsea Market for a bit.  I didn't want to overdo it with my back issues and my asthma was acting up so I just rested and enjoyed the free wifi with my Ipod.

Once I felt hydrated and rested, I headed out to grab the subway back up to Times Square.  Due to construction and a lack of Metro Card machines, it took me a while to find a stop that worked for me but I found one.  I made it to Bryant Park and it was pouring.  I held my new waterproof tote close to me and made me way through massive crowds of wet tourists and their umbrellas which can become quite dangerous if you don't keep an eye out for them.  I got fed up and stopped at Sanrio to relax. Once I was calm again, I headed back out into the pouring rain and made it back to the BE boutique.  I got to see some more friends since Jessica from Jessica's Bare Escentuals Bliss blog was celebrating her birthday.  I got to rest and chat and unwind before my train ride home.  I also got to have my BE Ready look jazzed up for evening by Shoshannah from the Times Square boutique.  Totally gorgeous look! She used more Kismet from Nick of Time and The Top Shelf.

Great close up pic of this look: Thanks to Jess Sparkles for this one!

From there, I said my goodbyes and headed back to Penn Station via walking and the subway.  It took me a while to find my way from the subway to Amtrak but I got there, managed to check the schedule and pick up a drink and snacks to take on the train with me.  I stood near where we usually board and was one of the first few people to board the train.  I was so happy to set my bags down and put my feet up with my soft warm hoodie as a pillow.  I relaxed and watched the rest of Harry Potter 6 for the ride home, followed my Monsters Inc.  Not sure how I didn't pass out like everyone else on the train.  I was so happy that the rain had stopped when we got to the station so my drive home wasn't too stressful.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your NY trip with us. It was fun reading.

  2. Hi Heather!

    I just wanted to say I really appreciate the time and effort you put into your blog, I have my own blog (non makeup) and I know it's a lot of work!

    Loved this post! Looks like you had a blast and reminds me of a trip my friend and I would do!

    Keep it up!

    Angel :)

  3. I love reading about your trips into NYC! Both your daytime and evening makeunder looks are lovely.


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