Monday, September 5, 2011

My Lavera Eyeliner and Lip Gloss Haul

 I've been wanting to try Lavera for a while since it appeared in the natural beauty aisle in Target but could never figure out what to try.  We stopped at a Target that was remodeling so they had a lot on clearance and apparently, their whole Lavera selection was marked down so I thought this was the day to grab a few things to try out.

I picked up 2 liquid liners (1 black, 1 brown), a pencil eyeliner (#3 Blue) and 3 lip glosses ( #3 Magic Red, #5 Sensational Brown, #6 Burgundy). The liquid liners are vegan and (as stated on the Lavera website) are made from a "specially formulated infusion of organic flower extracts and nourishing organic oils feel natural and non-irritating on the eye lid."  The glosses are (as stated on the Lavera website) "Made with 100% pure crushed minerals for shimmer, plus anti-aging sun protection and superhydrating oils of vitamin E and jojoba. Natural aromatics add a 100% of natural flavor: vanilla, almond, cocoa, or berry." 

The liquid liners apply in a smooth precise thin line.   The pencil liner is a bold beautiful color.  The lip glosses sparkle and smell great.  I am so happy I finally picked these up and the clearance price didn't hurt at all.

 Here are some pics!

Left to Right #3, #5, #6

I am not affiliated with this company. I purchased these products myself for personal use unless otherwise noted.

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