Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bare Escentuals Girls, Ladies, Fans...Are you READY?

 Today is the day Bare Escentuals launches their new READY compact eye palettes.  You can get a duo or quad.  They have worked for a while to create solid shadows without lots of binders and icky ingredients in them.  I get to see these and try them out tonight at my local BE boutique and should hopefully pick one up there.  Then on Saturday, I am going to NYC for one of the BE Events so I will probably buy more of them there.  Also, BE is on QVC releasing these compacts and they are available at Sephora (at least at .com). Stay tuned for my blog posts with pics and reviews.


QVC Duos 

QVC Quads 

Sephora Duos

Sephora Quads

Macy's Duos

Macy's Quads

Ulta Duos

Ulta Quads

Here are some fabulous videos that Leslie made about the READY compacts.  Check them out, especially her eye tutorial.  She really explains how to apply them.

The Unboxing:

The Tutorial:

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  1. I just got two duos, the promise and epiphany and omg, they pretty much blend themselves, they're absolutely stunning and beautiful and just perfect, I think I need to get them all now LOL I'd forgotten how much I love this brand and you've brought me back to it, thanks !!


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