Sunday, September 11, 2011

100% Pure Lip Glazes - Love!

100% Pure had a special on their lip glazes last week, 25% off so I caved and ordered 4 new ones.  I already had 3 that I love.  They got here amazingly fast.  I tried them out and am really happy I ordered.  I took some pics of my whole lip glaze collection to share with you. They are a notch above tinted lip balms but not quite a lipstick.  Very creamy and moisturizing, some are gorgeous and sheer and others are more opaque.

The first 4 are the new ones, last 3 are the ones I already had
Swatches follow the color order listed in the pic above

I am in an affiliate program with this company. I purchased these products myself for personal use unless otherwise noted.

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  1. Heather, love the shades you have so far. from the swatches, it seems like they are more pigmented than i had anticipated. would you consider the ones you now have in your collection to be more opaque vs. sheer? enjoyed your piece and the swatches were great!

  2. Hi Edie, My collection varies. My faves are the sheers but the opaque ones feel nice too. If you want to see all the shades, 100% Pure has swatches on their Facebook page in their photo album area. The sheer ones are strawberry, raspberry and elderberry. The others are more opaque.

  3. Seduce looks really nice, I don't have any 100% Pure Lip Glazes, but now I want them! :)

  4. What are the colors in your swatch picture?

  5. The swatches are the color shown in the photo above it.


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