Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where has Heather been?

I almost typed about myself in the 3rd person and then made myself laugh so this is a good start LOL  I have been going through what I am going to kindly refer to as a transitional phase in my life.  As comes with transition & change, there has been a lot of stress as well as other personal issues so I have not had to focus or time to blog as much.  No worries though, I am still here and trying to post at least once per week.  Life has just taken a different focus, which is on me trying to get well and take better care of myself.  I am hoping to start my own personal make up challenge or Nirvana again in the fall so stay tuned. 

Due to the stress I was going through, I will openly admit that I went to see a therapist. I do not consider this weak and think that if you can find the right one, it is a real blessing to have someone uninvolved to be able to go talk and help you sort things out. I also signed up for a free meditation challenge through the Chopra Center, as in Deepak Chopra.  I had looked at it before as meditation has been suggested to me many times and I just never felt I was ready or had the ability to focus or sit still and quiet for so long.  I find that it was fate that all of the sudden, within a week or so of me wanting to look into starting, this program appeared for free registration.  It is a 21-day meditation challenge and they email you your daily meditation so you can do it at your own leisure and pace. It has been really great for me. I think that even though it started on Aug 15, you might be able to sign up now and go through the previous meditations.

image from the Chopra Center website
Thankfully this was free because I also started getting acupuncture to help me deal with my stress and also some physical issues I've been dealing with. This was per my general practitioner's suggestion. She really thinks it will help me. My insurance doesn't cover that so I have been on a tighter budget lately.  I do have to say that meditation and acupuncture have been helping so I am hoping to have a good report at the end of my treatment with acupuncture and after more meditation practice.

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