Tuesday, August 23, 2011

McGillycuddy's Naturals - review & free shipping offer

While downtown buying a cupcake from my fave place, I noticed a new shop called McGillycuddy's Naturals in Saratoga Springs, NY.  They are a local place that makes and sells natural skincare, bath & body products.  I was so excited.  Eventually, I made it back there and bought a few things to try out.  They make lots of great olive oil and milk soaps as well as skincare items and bath & body items.

I picked up a lip balm, 2 bath bombs and a shower gel.  I love all 3!

I got the lip balm in coconut and wear it just about every night when I go to bed to keep my lips soft.  It is very moisturizing and not at all gritty like chapsticks.  It applies creamy and smooth and smells fantastic.

The bath bombs rock.  They make big ones and mini ones.  My bath tub is so small, the mini was plenty.  At first I wasn't sure I noticed anything because I am so used to the not so natural bath bombs that fizz like crazy and add color to your bath water,  then I could feel all the moisturizing ingredients in the water.  It smelled great and my skin was so soft and moisturized after my bath.  I tried coconut mango and a vanilla ylang-ylang.  They smell devine!

Finally, I tried their SLS free shower gel in a Honey Almond scent.  It works great, lathers up well even though it lacks that icky sodium laurel sulfate and smells very yummy. 

Not only are these products great natural items for your skin and your health, but they are made local to me which I love.  Everything they sell is handmade in upstate NY.  I can't wait to try more and stock up on their lip balms!

Not all of their product line is available online at this time but they do have some great stuff available.  They are currently offering free shipping on all web orders until the end of Labor Day weekend - so Sept 5th will be the last day. No code needed. www.mcgillycuddysoap.com  

Some pics of their products and shop from their page on Facebook:


I am not affiliated with this company. I purchased these products myself for personal use unless otherwise noted.

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