Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vapour Organic Beauty - I won a prize!

I follow a lot of natural beauty brands on facebook.  It is a good way to learn about products or promos.   Vapour Organic Beauty is one of the brands I follow.  They had a contest for the 4th of July and I was one of the winners, woohoo!  I got my prize from them and have to say I was very pleased. They said we could send a pic of ourselves to help them pick colors for us and I think they chose well for me.  I received a full size Illusionist Concealer and full size Siren Lipstick in Tryst. Along with those, I got a sample of 2 of their foundations and coupons for a future purchase.

The concealer is nice.  It comes in tube form.  You are supposed to rub it on the back of your hand to warm it up first and then it applies smooth and you can blend it into your skin.  They selected shade 010 for me which is the lightest shade.  I have not tried the foundation yet as I am pretty loyal and hooked to my BE but I might give it a whirl out of curiosity.

The lippie is really nice too.  A bright shade but it isn't completely opaque.  This will be great for fun bolder looks.

Here are some pics!

Same swatch with concealer blended

I am not affiliated with this company. I purchased these products myself for personal use unless otherwise noted***As noted above, these items were a prize in a facebook contest. My opinion is not swayed because of this.
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  1. HI heather-
    I was just wondering if you ever broke down and tried the foundation? I have been thinking of buying some and would be really interested to hear your thoughts on it.
    :o) Melody

  2. I haven't tried them yet. If and when I so, I'll be sure to report.


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