Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bloom.com - The Social Beauty Store

Thanks to a friend, I discovered Bloom.com.  It is a social beauty store where you can shop for beauty items but also have a friends list.  They will customize a "best for you" section based on your profile and they have lots of reviews of products written by customers like you.  They have a whole natural & organic section so I am happy to try out new brands listed there.

I recently joined and wanted to open an invite to all my readers.  Right now, if you join through my invite & make a purchase, I get Bloom Dollars to go towards future beauty purchases, which will of course help me get more products to review and use for my blog.  Not only do I get that but you can get $40 back on a purchase of $70 or more.  For more details, please visit their site.

Here is my invite link, click here to join! http://www.bloom.com/invite/9080/HeatherS

I am not affiliated with this company. I purchased these products myself for personal use unless otherwise noted.
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