Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Weekend in NYC: The After Party

After my birthday party at the Bare Escentuals boutique in Times Square, we went to check in at our hotel. Ashley came a long way for my party so we spent the rest of the weekend together.  It was her first trip to NYC so I had lots of fun planning what to do with her and getting to do things I've always wanted to try in NYC.

We stayed at The Element Times Square West.  We had found a deal on hotels.com and this was one that looked really nice and was in a location that would be easy to get to from the boutique and from Penn Station.  It was even nicer than we expected! We paid $20 more for a room with a view and ended up on the top floor with an amazing view of NYC.  We could see the Empire State Building from our room. It also had a full kitchenette and a really nice bathroom with all natural amenities.
View from hotel room
We headed to the Village for dinner at Bar Pitti on recommendation from a friend.  Such delicious Italian food and Italian waiters LOL We shared some Fettunta and each had Penne Strascicate. I always eat the yummiest pasta in NYC. After devouring our dinner, we walked to Amy's Bread and I bought 2 huge slices of my favorite vanilla cake with pink frosting.  Happy Birthday to me!
Penne Strascicate
Amy's Bread - Simply Yellow Cake with Pink Icing is the best!

From there, we headed to Sweet Revenge for dessert and a cocktail.  I had an old fashioned creamsicle (a frozen wine slushy, mine was made with soy milk) and a Sweet Revenge cupcake (Peanut Butter Cake, Ganache Filling with Peanut Butter Fudge Frosting).  Ashley had a dirty dark chocolate truffle cocktail and a Dirty Cupcake (Valrhona Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Truffle).  We shared our cupcakes and I have to say, a bite of each at the same time was the best and their ganache was amazing!
Sweet Revenge Cupcake

After dessert, we headed to the Comedy Cellar. We had 9:15 reservations.  The line was pretty long but we got great seats with a fantastic view of the comedians.  It was a little cramped but well worth it.  We saw Myq Kaplan, Neal Brennan, a guy whose name I think is Billy Manchington (couldn't find any info on him), Robert Kelly and Sherrod Small.  The MC for the show was Keith Robinson. We had so much fun.  It was hysterical and it just got better and better as the night went on.  That isn't the cocktails talking.

After that, we walked to Washington Park.  You can't miss it on a trip to the Village. From there, we grabbed a cab (we think, it was unmarked, the cocktails had taken over our brains). The so-called cab did take us to Times Square which I knew Ashley had to see at night on her first trip to NYC.  We snapped pics, saw ourselves on the big web cam and eventually walked until we found The Pig n' Whistle Pub.  It was pretty quiet in there at this time of the night but their drink specials were amazing, $5 each! We enjoyed some Ryan's Razz Rocket cocktails and chatted away.  From there, we spotted a 24-hour White Castle which made up for the lack of food after midnight at the Pub.  I skipped late night noms just because my tummy gets mad with I eat too late but Ashley had been hungry so it worked out perfectly.  We headed back to the hotel and stayed up way too late giggling and chatting and wondering how the balloon from my bday decorations stuck to the ceiling all night even though it wasn't filled with helium LOL

On Sunday, I dragged myself downstairs and grabbed a much needed english muffin and tea from the hotel breakfast.  We finished getting ready and checked out.  We had brunch at Pigalle.  We sipped mimosas and I had french toast and she had an omelet with french style home fries and toast.  All I can say is yumm and I absolutely loved the ambiance and decor of the place.  We were pretty beat from the busy Saturday and doing lots of walking so we opted to do the Downtown Loop bus tour from Gray Line Tours which we had passed on the way to brunch. It was the perfect way to spend the last bit of our trip.  Enjoy the sunshine and the sights. 

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  1. What a week-end! Gorgeous view from your room (jealous);)


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