Monday, May 9, 2011

My NYC Bare Escentuals Birthday Party!

Last year I did San Francisco for my birthday and this year I went to NYC.  Not sure how I will be able to top these next year.  Lots of thinking to do about that one.

I wasn't able to get people together for a Bare Escentuals Girlfriends Party locally around my birthday because May was too hectic for everyone.  After trying 2 different dates in May, I gave up and canceled.  Now happily, I seem to have interest so I am going to try to schedule one for June or July instead.  It won't be a birthday party but a BE girlfriends party is still lots of fun.

I messaged Kathy at the Times Square Bare Escentuals boutique and she was totally open to any times and dates I wanted to come.  I put out my feelers and figured that Sat May 7 would work well.  She gave me the OK and I sent out the invite on facebook. This boutique is my favorite one.  I probably should not play favorites but the boutique is so pretty and everyone who works there is amazing and so nice. I feel like it is my NYC home base.  I had lots of maybes turn to yes's and lots of yes's turn to no's but it all worked out great.  We had a fantastic group of ladies enjoying time together.

The BE boutique was so fabulous.  They even decorated for my birthday which felt so special, especially since I had a very low key birthday at home.  There were balloons, Happy Birthday banners and little goody bags for all of us. I had gotten there early to drop off the cupcakes and my bags because my arms were about to fall off but I was immediately shooed away so they could surprise me with this. 

Many of us got our make up done.  Kathy did mine and used BE High Shine in Frost, High Shine Moonshine and Berry Flambe. She also used Escape blush & Pretty Amazing in Fearless for my lips.  It looked really pretty and purpley which I love. After make up, we all chatted and ate cupcakes.  I had ordered 2 dozen and a dozen mini cupcakes from my fave cupcakery, Bettie's Cakes in Saratoga Springs.  I am not sure how I managed but I was able to pick them up, carry them to my car, transport them home, then back out to the car, to the train station, then onto the train, then out of Penn Station and over to the bus stop where I waited for my friend Ashley to arrive and then we carried them to Times Square to drop off for the party.  Not 1 cupcake was harmed in this delivery time LOL  They were of course harmed when we ate them!

Kathy doing my eye make up
Our After Makeunder Photo: Ashley and Me
 Of course, while eating cupcakes, my friend had brought some of her new BE goodies for show & tell.  Everyone had fun looking and testing new colors and products that just came out but are not in boutiques yet.  Once show & tell was over, it was time to shop, which had to pause for present opening.  I cannot believe how sweet everyone was.  I am extremely grateful for every gift I received and so many of the bday cards had cupcakes on them, how very me! What a wonderfully generous and sweet group of ladies!!! *hugs* to you all! I hope to see you again soon.  

As for my BE bday shopping, I purchased a customizable eye case and a customizable lip case.  If you don't know what they are, Bare Escentuals often does a new seasonal make up bag and you can purchase 3 colors with the bag for a certain price.  With the current ones, you can get a customizable eye case with mini mirror along with any 3 eye colors or a customizable lip case with mini mirror with 3 lippies for $39. I did both and the colors I picked with them were High Shine Vapor (tube), High Shine Rose Gold (tube) and High Shine Gold Medal (tube) for the eyes and Pretty Amazing in Strength, Pretty Amazing in Free Will and Buxom Vanessa.
They decorated me when I went to leave the boutique LOL

I am not affiliated with this company. I purchased these products myself for personal use.
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  1. How fun! Looks like everyone had a blast!

  2. What a fantastic birthday party! :) You and your girls look gorgeous!


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