Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Results from my Contest Survey

Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey and entered the contest.  I have to say, I appreciate your answers and wanted to list some of what you asked for here so I can address them and how I might go about including what you would like to see in my blog.

Some of you said you want to see:

Video Tutorials:
I will try to do more of these.  They are very time consuming and I don't have a good camera for this yet.  I am hoping to get one for my bday so I can do more tutorials for the blog.  Stay tuned!

Before & After pics of looks I create:
I have done this before but rarely do it all the time since I figure my before is usually the same.  I usually just do my look for the day and snap pics on my way to work.  I will try to remember to snap a before pic once in a while, especially if I have a need for more coverage on that day.

More on brushes:
I am planning to bring back my brush series with lots of info on brushes and their uses. Now that I am done with my job change and vacation, I should have more time for this.

Swatches when I do an eye look:
Not sure if I can do this all the time because usually I get ready for work, snap pics of my look and head out to work.  Swatches would take a little more time and require some clean up. I can attempt to do this on weekends when I have more time when I get ready.

More skincare reviews:
I can only review as many products as I own and use.  I very rarely get free products to test out so it is hard for me to be able to afford a lot of variety in what I review. I can try to write more reviews of the products that I do use.

My choices for top products or top make up colors:
I did a lot of this in the past and can start doing it again.  I am not as likely to select top colors of blush or eye colors since I think colors are very subjective and whatever you like, you should use.

Hair products:
As I said above, I can only review and discuss what I own and use.  I have talked about the hair products I use but I am limited to that since every has different hair and hair type needs.  I can discuss the products I currently use for my curly hair if that interests any of you.

More reviews on natural products like shaving cream, soap, etc:
I can do this since these are products I like to try and see what is new out there.  I did a lot of this in my top choice for all natural... series but can start doing more of this again.

Maybe we could request how to use certain eye colors:
I can do this but I am limited to the colors I own.  I have a lot of eye colors but not all of them.  Maybe I will create a list of what I own so people can select from the list and request looks with those colors.

Dramatic eye colors:
I use these sometimes, usually only for going out or special occasions which sadly isn't very often.  I will try to make sure I take pics on special occasions so you can see me in more dramatic eye looks.

Any tips for concealing, contouring and foundation for professional photographs and HD camera, like best layering and type of foundation, best brushes, for BE users:
I am not sure if I can do this since I do not work in TV and have never been on TV.  I have had professional photo shoots, one of which they did my make up for me.  The other one, I did my make up and he did photo editing after.  Since I do not consider myself an expert in this area since I don't actually have experience with this, I don't think I should be blogging about it. I can see if I can find other blogs with this kind of info to share with you.

Maybe show similarities between new shades and existing ones?
I do this sometimes but have gotten away from it.  I can try to do this but I can also direct you to some other great BE blogs who do this frequently, like SparkleVixen! She often does comparisons and you can find a link to her blog on the right column here. 

I would like to see you use one kit more ways, like the tips you had for the perfect gift #1. I loved the tips on other ways to use it and wish you had posted photos with it!
All the Perfect Gift #1 tips I posted were things Leslie Blodgett asked me for.  Normally, I do not come up with those ideas but I can try to start doing that when I get new collections.

Well I would really love if you do a tutorial on Bare Escentuals Meet the Blues.
Sadly, I don't own that one.  I would do a tutorial for you if I did.  I don't wear as many blues as I do other colors so I don't buy as many blues.

Methods of applying makeup:
I think I can include this with my brush series blog posts.

I am not affiliated with this company. I purchased these products myself for personal use. Pin It StumbleUpon

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