Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Trip to Portland Oregon, Part 4

The one day it rained.  Not too bad for Portland in April.  I bought a water repellent coat for this trip and barely needed it.

Our first stop was the mall where we stopped at Bare Escentuals.  I finally got to see a display of the Swinger Girls.  The boutique was nice but you could tell that the girls there were not as into BE as most of us were.  When they saw me taking pics with the Swinger Girls, one of them did not understand that we were saying that I was THE Heather, not just a Heather who is excited that there is a Heather Buxom now.  She said, I know, I was so excited when Leslie Buxom came out. At least they were nice.  They let us play with the new preview night colors that were coming out the following week so I swatched the high shine colors on my hand.  After that, I asked to do full BE rounds and see Sephora and Nordstrom.  I looked for Kesha's Buxom collection, Fashion Show & Tell, but Sephora did not have it yet.  I didn't see anything at Nordstrom that I didn't already have and they didn't know about a gift with purchase so not even a clue about Utopia.  I found Rachel in the Nordstrom scarf section and we all got lessons on how to tie scarves.  We learned a few different ways with some cashmere scarves they had on display.

After this, we headed downtown to the Portland Saturday Market.  One section of the market seems to be pre-made and the other is handcrafted stuff.  The handcrafted is my kinda thing.  I got a pair of earrings (shocking, I know) from a nice lady who loved talking to us.  Mind you, we talked to her forever and I don't know her name or the name of her booth LOL We kept walking and got samples at a cajun spice tent, yummy!  I was starting to feel sinusy so this was appreciated.  Rachel & Nancy bought some spices.  I skipped since I didn't want to carry it in my baggage on the plane, which made the guy say I was too cute.  They kept feeding me spicy chicken samples.  We crossed the road to the next section of the market, more handcrafted stuff.  Lots of fun stuff to browse.  I ended up with a pendant from Spoonman Creations, way more affordable than the VT spoonman that I see at craft fests. I also got a pendant from Amira and a little present for my nephew Oliver.  We walked through some more and I picked up some cinnamon roasted almonds, they always smell so good!
We were hungry and decided to meet on 23rd, or trendy third.  Once we found parking, we all met at Rose's Restaurant for lunch.  I had a yummy french dip.  Rachel had to run for a family thing so Nancy and I went for a walk and did some shopping.  We stopped at Lush, of course.  Got a hand treatment and bought lots of bath bombs & melts.  Then she took me to Blush Beauty Bar which was fun because they had BE but also had Zoya and I have never been to a shop that has Zoya nail polish in person before. After that, Nancy drove me to the neighborhood of the original Voodoo Doughnut, if only for the experience.  We waited in line for almost an hour.  Rachel found us in line so it was an easy place to meet up again.  Once we got inside, I tried to order vegan doughnuts but she said to read the menu. It all felt very "soup nazi" and I was worried I'd be sent away with no doughnut. I swear, the menu didn't say vegan when I was there but my photo says otherwise.  I guess this is when you can tell I was coming down with something LOL  I finally got an Old Dirty Bastard vegan doughnut which is a doughnut covered in peanut butter and oreos.

Nancy needed to run home so Rachel and I went to unwind at Starbucks.  We sat by the fireplace and I sipped Awake tea.  My throat was starting to really bother me.  Ugh!  After that, we all met up at Burgerville for dinner.  I was not impressed with this place.  It seemed like any old fast food and service was lousy.  Rachel had an adventure in their bathroom and eventually someone who works there asked her to bring rolls of TP in since he didn't know how to install it. Oh brother!

Luckily, we finished off the night at another Voodoo Doughnut location, Voodoo too! I feel more comfortable at this one and the line was much shorter.  I got 2 doughnuts for my boyfriend and 2 vegan maple blazer blunts as well as a vegan tex-ass which is a doughnut as big as your head.  They were all packed to take home on the flight the next day. Nancy & her hubby got a bucket of doughnuts! You can't pick what goes in, you just ask for a bucket and they start dumping doughnuts in it.  I think it cost $5 or $10 for seriously a lot of doughnuts. This totally made up for Burgerville, or Ghetto Burgerville as I now call it.

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  1. Your Portland photos are so drool-worthy! So fun! I heard so much about Voodoo donuts! :D

  2. Burgerville is the best fast food restaurant, you don't know what your talking about. You probably didn't get the cheeseburger, thats the best thing they have.


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