Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Trip to Portland Oregon, Part 3

On to Part 3 of my trip to Portland.  My day started at Moonstruck for a (soy milk) dark hot chocolate and some chocolate shopping. Sooooo yummy!

We met up with Nancy and headed to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm for their Tulip Festival. This Tulip Festival is not like the one I am used to in Albany, NY.  This is a big farm full of tulips.  You can see rows and rows of tulips in the fields and it is just beautiful.  They also have a gift shop, vendors, food and more.  There was a dichroic glass vendor who had such good prices I shopped like a kid in a penny candy store LOL  We took tons of pics.

After tulips, we went outlet shopping.  I got my AAA coupon booklet which seems to exist at almost any outlet shopping location that I have been to.  We ate Auntie Anne's pretzels and got shopping.  I happily found 2 cardigans at Ann Taylor Loft and a pair of jeans at Eddie Bauer.  Not only are they are outlet prices but there is no sales tax!!!

After shopping, we met up with Rachel's fam at Gambrietti's in Salem for dinner.  I had a delicious chicken appetizer, a lemon drop and tons of the bread they brought the table.  We drove to the capital in Salem to look at the buildings and scenery.  They had cherry trees in bloom.

After that, Nancy headed home for a bit and Rachel and I went to waterfront park to walk and take pics.  It was a very long walk.  We got to people watch, see the sights, have some interesting interactions with homeless people, saw an entire wedding party on bicycles going through the park. The couple had just married cans strung from the back of their bikes.  Rachel also showed me the tiniest park in the world, Mill Ends City Park.
Mill Ends City Park, yes, that is the entire park behind us

We met up with Nancy again for dessert at the Waffle Window. How yummy!  I got the chocolate peanut butter waffle and it was scrumptious!!!! We stopped at the closest New Seasons Market to look around.  I got a chocolate moustache...just because LOL  After that, we all headed home for some rest.

Edited to add our Waffle Window song:
I don't want beer. I don't want falafel.  I just eat me a waffle! 

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