Friday, April 15, 2011

My Trip to Portland Oregon, Part 2

On Friday, I woke up early in the hotel so I checked my email and got dressed.  I went downstairs to see what the hotel had for breakfast and made myself a peanut butter sandwich and grabbed a cup of water.  I brought it upstairs to eat and followed it with a chocolate vegan cupcake from Saint Cupcake.  Now that is what I call breakfast!

Once we were all set to checkout, we headed downstairs and out to the car with a quick walk to Starbucks for those in need of caffeine. From there, we drove to a Trader Joe's which was extra exciting for me since we don't have one anywhere near where I live.  I picked up some pita bread, turkey and kettlecorn as my picnic snack and bought a Trader Joe's tote.  We had a nice long ride to the coast and chatted a lot in the car along the way.

First, we stopped at Dairy Queen for drinks and then parked along the coast in Seaside to eat our lunch.  We had a debate over the age of a seagull.  Rachel known birds and had a book in her glove box so we were proved wrong LOL The gulls who were more gray were actually younger, who knew?

After that, we drove to Cannon Beach for some walking and shopping.  We looked at lots of shops.  I think we all ended up with candy from Bruce's Candy Kitchen. We did some sightseeing and of course, stopped so I could take a picture with a puffin statue.  Unfortunately, we didn't see any puffins aside from that statue that day.

From there, we drove along the coast with stops at look out points to see the scenery and take pics.  Eventually Rachel got us to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Not a very good place for me and my lactose intolerance but still fun to see.  I bought some strawberry milk straws and fudge for my BF and browsed their gift shop.

We headed back towards Portland to have dinner at Grand Lodge.  This place is a feast for the eyes.  There is so much going on in one building.  We wandered around the building just to take it all in and then went to have dinner.  Rachel ordered an ale sampler and said we could share.  I tried it and came to the conclusion that I just don't like beer all that much, especially not the dark ales. I ordered tri tip steak & garlic fries for my dinner.  Quite tasty!

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