Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Trip to Portland Oregon, Part 1

I am back from my vacation, unfortunately, not feeling well, but slowly recovering.  Luckily, I felt ok for my trip.

I had trouble finding a flight in the time frame I wanted for the trip out so I opted for a cheaper one with more stops and a longer layover.  It was worth it but I was exhausted by the time I got there.  I woke up around 5:30am and flew out of my airport at 8:50am east coast time and got to Portland around 5:25pm pacific coast time. Thankfully, the Baltimore airport was quite nice and had wifi so I was able to relax and kill some time between flights.

When I got to Portland, my friends picked me up and we had dinner at Red Robin.  After that, my "host family" took me to one of the Voodoo Doughnut locations called Voodoo Doughnut too.  I got 2 vegan doughnuts to try so I would not have to worry about a dairy induced tummy ache on my first night.  After that, we headed back to their house.  I ate my maple blazer blunt doughnut...OMG so delicious! Chatted a little and then went to get settled in, email home, play on facebook and get some sleep.

The first real day of my trip was Thursday. We started the day at the Japanese Garden which were really nice. It is like many small themed gardens all within walking distance.  You can tell how different it must look throughout the year.  I would love to see how it looks while things are in full bloom.   After that, I got to go to Saint Cupcake.  I tried a Big Top cupcake & Hot Lips soda in house and got 2 other cupcakes to go.  My to go cupcakes were a vegan chocolate/chocolate and a vanilla with vanilla buttercream cupcake.

We headed to the Chinese Classical Garden which had a very different setting.  It is a small walled in area in the middle of downtown.  Inside it is beautiful.  You could really spend all day there just meditating or enjoying the peace & quiet.  We wandered through, took lots of pics and looked at the displays of Chinese kites that they had in various small buildings. We also had a good laugh when we got there because there was a grown up couple making out in a pagoda right in the middle of everything.  Rachel said, "Get a room, this is a family place," which they might have heard because they stopped making out and sat there staring into the distance instead LOL

We dropped Rachel's daughter off with her dad and went to check-in at our downtown hotel for the night.  Nancy met up with us there for our girl's night on the town.  We stayed at the Mark Spencer Hotel .  We had gotten a deal on Living Social which worked out well, especially when divided by 3 people. When we got there, we enjoyed a nice wine tasting.  After that, we headed out to enjoy First Thursday.  We walked around a lot, visited some vendors and of course, stopped at Cupcake Jones for more cupcakes. We actually never made it to any of the galleries involved in First Thursday but it was still fun to walk around.  After lots of walking and a visit to Portlandia (statue), we headed to the Heathman for Happy Hour.  They have a great Happy Hour where you can get delicious drinks and a nice dinner or some snacks.

After that we headed back towards our hotel for a stop at Powell's Books. Of course, while looking for a stop to catch a ride back there, we got to see a protest at the courthouse.  Nothing like waiting between protesters and a bunch of bike cops when the protesters are protesting cops & judges. Powell's Books is such a fun place and it is ginormous.  It is a book lovers dream.  You can find just about anything there.  I ended up with a fun mudflap of a sexy girl reading and a little sticker that reading is sexy. I didn't want to transport any books home so it was fun to browse.

That was day 1.  Stay tuned for more! Pin It StumbleUpon

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